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smoke by yourself

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DIRTYRU55IAN, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. How many of you do this and how often?
    I kinda feel bad when i do this for some stupid reason.
  2. i just did it right now

    i personally like it

    i can smoke as much as i want and not worry about acting weird or whatnot
  3. earlier this year i did all the time and i was all for it
    but now i havnt in months and instead i have been tokin with mostly the same group of friends. i still will prolly smoke alone occasionally though
  4. Smoking alone or with friends either way you get high. :cool:
  5. Most times I smoke i'm by myself. I don't prefer one over the other though, I enjoy both equally.
  6. getting high alone is one of my favorite things to do. it's amazing. i create so much, i discover so much.
  7. started doing it alone a few months ago, its amazing
  8. Yea I smoke alone a lot. I prefer it that way because if I'm in a funny mood I can laugh without annoying anyone. If I'm chill then I can listen to some music, watch a movie, whatever, without being bothered by someone else who's in a different state of mind/mood. It's cool with people too but it has to be at certain times, not too late because I do get sleepy a lot from it late at night...
  9. i usually toke by myself
    i like to be left to my thoughts and the other things i love to do by myself when high ^_^
  10. yeah i usually have fun, I'm still living with my parents so it feels awkward
  11. Yes I like to but dont get to as often as I would like.;)
  12. I love putting on my mp3 player and just chilling out back with my bowl :D
  13. I love getting high by myself. I can do what I want, when I want to do it. I used to feel weird when I did it, but then I realized I could just listen to my own favorite music, or choose what I want to watch on TV. It makes marijuana that much more liberating in my opinion...
  14. Lately ive been smoking bowls and chilling around my house and I love it. When I blaze by myself I dont have to wait for anything to be passed around a rotation, I can zone out and let my ADD run wild, and you the best part is not having to deal with your lazy pothead friends mooching off you all day long
  15. Like George Thorogood says;
    "I TOKE alone, yeah
    With nobody else
    Yeah, you know when I TOKE alone
    I prefer to be by myself..."
  16. been doing this almost every night for around a year or two straight now. (other than when I have friends over) Weed makes me think alot and sometimes its really nice to be high alone,, as long as you're doing something
  17. it seems like when i got friends around acting hella stoned it makes me higher.

    and i never get the giggles when im by myself only with friends.
  18. I like smoking by myself when i just want to get away and relax. Also I love to just smoke and sitback and listen to some 311 and just let my mind wonder.

  19. thats so true if i'm smoking with others i'm usually using my nugget, which sucks

    i love smoking by myself, i have been for almost two years now, smoking with friends is great but there's nothing like lying back with your two footer fully packed all for yourself listening to whatever music you want, eating what you wanna eat, doing what you want to do

    infacttt that's what i'm doing right now.
  20. ^ Hell yeah.
    I've done it a few times and im going to go try it out again.:D

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