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Smoke Buddy?!?!?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by cpledge11, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Does anybody have one of these? I live in a dorm at my college and I have a vaporizer but I would like to be able to smoke out of my bubbler in my room. For anyone who does not know what a smoke buddy is, watch this video. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro6ooC4Z3Dk]YouTube - Bootcamp-Product Review: Smoke Buddy[/ame]. It is designed to filter out the smoke that you exhale after you take a hit. I was wondering if anyone on GC has purchased or used one of these and could tell me if they really work at eliminating the smoke and smell. The smell is obviously the most important reason I would like to buy this.
  2. Use a sploof and blow through a window.
  3. Never used one but when i get the money i will purchase one... I think they're neat and i need to be stealthy in my room so i will be getting one.. I'd say get one if your in a dorm room..
  4. ive had mine for 2 weeks and its amazing completely gets rid of smoke, i can sit in my unfinished basement with no air circulation all day and there is no more smell than what you get when u got ur buds on the table...
  5. Hell buds on the table will stink up the room... I know my buds do anyways.. But i have been very interested in trying the smoke buddy because i need to be discrete with my smoking also... and its also better safe then sorry.. I say buy one and do a review on it bro!
  6. I made a similar sploof because I occasionally have friends or family over who don't know I smoke. I used an extra gas mask filter I had laying around, some pvc pipe, and a fitting. Cost me like $5, if I had to buy the filter it would have been more but I don't know how much. Works awesome, NO oder or smoke come out. I would recommend doing this depending on how the "smoke buddy" costs.

  7. I have seen them online for around $20 and I think I am going to buy one if my LHS does not have any. I will be sure to give a review when ever I get it. Im pumped.
  8. I don't understand how they tested it smell-wise when the guy on the right is blowing a good amount of smoke out to the right before he even gets the rip and exhales into the Smoke Buddy..
  9. I'm still gonna recommended ripping one to clear the air.
  10. now that´s an awesome invention. quality stoner creativity.
  11. Haha thanks bro!

  12. yes thats what i was trying to get at, it gets rid of the smoke but there is definitely still a smell, weather or not its because i was just busting up buds or because of lighting the bowl or if it was coming out of the smoke buddy I wasn't exactly trying to be stealthy i just wanted rid of the smoke. But what ill try to do in a bit is pack a bowl and then go in the bedroom and see what kind of smell i get...ill throw a stink scale of 1-10 on u guys then...
  13. Alright man that would be awesome! Thanks! And dude thats a really nice thing to filter your smoke, but I just bought one haha.
  14. the smoke buddy should get rid of smoke and smell:rolleyes:
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    The smoke buddy is way better than those stupid sploof thing,they do not work no where near as efficient. The smoke buddy has 3 filters one of them being a carbon filter. It's only 20$ and if no one can afford one,that's pretty sad and its guaranteed every time to work unlink a sploof which still leaves odor and easily visible smoke.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIel4Rb0DyU]YouTube - Smoke Buddy Is AWESOME![/ame]
  16. Well said...

    Do you own one yourself though? Cuz i was considering ordering one next week so i can smoke in my room without my rents freaking out
  17. I made one myself.

    Water bottle, filled with Activated Carbon found in the fish isle of a pet store

  18. I don't own one yet,haven't got around to it,but my friends also want one.
  19. id say on a smell scale of 1-10 the smoke buddy alone would make about a 2, it smells enough that if you know what your looking for you will smell it. its nothing that a little air freshener and 5-10 mins cant fix...
  20. Do you own one?

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