Smoke Buddy vs Hello Neighbor

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  1. So I live in a small place and my landlord doesn't want people to smoke inside but i can't really smoke outside and get high enough to my liking. And cracking a window is out of the question for the cold months.
    So I was wondering if anyone has used these products and how effective they are on masking/getting rid of the smoke and/or it's smell. Or if people have other products that work better.

  2. I haven't used the hello neighbor but I have the smoke buddy , works great when you need to be discreet

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  3. I had my sister sit in my room with me while I smoked and exhaled into it, besides the slight initial burn smell , there is no scent of it

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  4. how long do they last? a few weeks? a month?
  5. I've had mine for like a year or so now, it's carbon or some shit inside so I think they got a long as life , but I dunno it still works

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  6. wow thats cool. i heard they only lasted a month.  :hello:
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    smoke buddy works amazing but make sure to clear all the cloud through it or your going to have it pool up in there where it can come out and be a lil stinky (from my xp)

    and there lifespan depends on how you take care of it too but carbon filters go bad, just life
  8. I've had mine for ever a year. Don't buy the smoke buddy jr even if you're trying to save money, just go with the regular size and it should last you long enough for you to be pleased with the product.
  9. I also have the full size if that matters

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    Size always matters bruh.

    0_o lolol
  11. why dont you just get some always gets the job done for me!
    I use their gel version daily..i just set it next to me while im smoking and for those hotbox sessions or just more smoke than normal..i have their spray too!
  12. I was told when i got my first smoke buddy to expect it to last 300 exhales, i stopped keeping track after 300 and it still works beautifully. Smoke buddy ftw

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  13. Hello neighbor is awesome! Smells great when you blow out of it too. I have the jasmine scent

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    OP if you have to use this item daily and you smoke a decent amount, then i would just DIY that shit.
    it would be way cheaper and much more effective.
    smoke buddy has an advertised lifetime of 300 uses.
    i would imagine that number is somewhat exaggerated, but lets just go with that.
    $20 for single / $35 for two pack.
    you can get 5 pounds of activated carbon for $30.
    pvc pipe (or similar) for the body....few pieces of screen (panty hose).
    voila, you just built an insane amount of smoke buddys for $45.
  15. I don't think that would work what you do put the pipe or joint inside and toke on it

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  16. Not the homemade ones that sounds good smoke buddy's in general sorry baked and didn't read your post and mine probably sounded bad haha

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  17. My smoke buddie worked MINT fro. Christmas till now being used nearly every day multiple times a day and it just recently stopped working. I'm not sure if it stopped blocking smell but the smoke just billows out freely now

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  18. I've had both Hello Neighbor and Smoke Buddy and just to answer some easy questions:
    First of all the difference is that the Smoke Buddy is a carbon filter spoof and works with titanium pieces which absorbs the smoke and delivers nothing but clean air at the other end.
    And the Hello Neighbor is a spoof made with a sponge type filter soaked with scented liquid which disorts the smell of the smoke giving it a candle, pine, car freshner, etc type of smell. 
    Both are great and each has it's pros and cons, but to not make this a long comment, let me make this short.
    I personally like the Smoke Buddy more because it disappears the smoke and that is a plus when it comes to stealth smoking. The Hello Neighbor may be more compact and way more discreet, but I have found that even though it does not properly smell like weed, it does smell like something and I also have found that non smokers may be fooled but almost all the time my stoner friends would tell me it smelled kinda funky.
    Also, I work as a studio recording engineer and when ever I don't have any work and am alone in any of the 3 studios, with the Smoke Buddy I've been able to smoke right at my place ( obviously taking care of the smoke coming out of my hitter) and not be caught, and once I tried smoking at my place using the Hello Neighbor and even though it didn't smell that much, my boss kinda got suspicious as to why did it smell like car freshner all of a sudden. Get my point?
    Side note, a lot of people has complained as to the duration of each product, and I could say that with the proper care each product can last up to a year
  19. I would be curious about the sudden smell of something and where it's coming from. Seems like it would draw unwanted attention. Sounds like u should go with the smoke buddy. 
  20. It says 300 tokes give or take and I would say that is pretty accurate, mine clogged after about a year

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