Smoke budddy vs sploof

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  1. How do smoke buddies compare to sploofs? I've used one before and it's awesome, but I'm wondering how long they last, since I don't wanna be dropping $15-$20 every month on one. Would it be worth it or am I better off saving my money and using a sploof?

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    Heard they last about 300 hits or so, I would say your better off making sploofs though I've always been too lazy and just stank the house out lol
  3. You can make your own carbon sploof extremely easily. Could make 25-50 of them for the price of a "smoke buddy"
  4. Dude just stuff dryer sheets into anything you can blow the smoke through.

    Toilet paper roll with another dryer sheet over the end secured with a rubber band

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  5. use a smoke buddy dryer sheets don't work.
  6. Bs if you do it right they do..

    But I just read it is harmful with some brands of dryer sheets

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  7. I've seen smoke buddies at smoke shops for under 10$. A lot of kids in my college dorm used to smoke with them shamelessly without getting caught. They're better than sploofs buuuutttttttttt you probably have the stuff for a sploof laying around already, practically free. If your sploof isn't working well, more sheets. My thing with smoke buddies is that I really don't like sharing them. I'm no germaphobe but when my friend takes his hits and I try to blow mine through the smoke buddy it's totally wet on the inside.
  8. Have used sploofs many many times, and they work. I wouldn't spend money on a smoke buddy. Pack of like 30 dryer sheets is $1 at dollar tree. Use 3 sheets at a time, and move the tube to a new spot after a sesh. Maybe 5-6 uses for each set of 3 sheets. Over all it will prob last you a couple months till you need to buy more.

    One thing I do when I need to be stealthy is cook some bacon or salami. Just fry it up real good, it'll neutralize bud smoke odors very quick and will fill the whole house. I usually do it like 20 min before the wife gets home, and it works every time. She's cool with smoking, but I do it a little more than she knows :D

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