Smoke Bud but not Cigs?

Discussion in 'General' started by FrOsTBiTe2, May 10, 2011.

  1. Ive been smoking bud for about 3 years now..ive had a cuple cigs here and there but usally when I do i start to feel sick right after. At this point i just dont smoke cigs at all, but i can toke up da weed allllll day, anyone else like this?
  2. yeah i don't touch cigs
  3. good idea man, i just quit smoking a little more than a month ago, i can smoke sooo much more pot now. fucking love not having to smoke fags lololololol
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    Gave up cigs 13 years ago.
  5. yeah ive smoked some cigs in my time but i don't like it because.....sounds lame but...... i know its bad for me, and it doesn't really give me any good feelings. some of my friends always smoke cigs when we smoke bud together and they say it calms them down when they are really high. i do not understand it but to each their own. i smoke weed and only weed :smoke:
  6. i think its the smell too thats a big part of it..cigs smell bad, weed smells delicious

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