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Smoke Before or After.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by JohnLajoie, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Should i smoke a ciggerette before or after i smoke weed, to get a better high. Thanks :wave:
  2. Smoke more weed to get a better high.:smoke:
  3. All my friends smoke ciggerettes after they get high. Though, I honestly I don't smoke and don't plan on it, so no input from me.
  4. fuck smoking cigarettes after smoking, does it even get you more high? :confused:
  5. personally i think tht cigs are quite stupid on a count of they dont do much to you when you smoke them alone
  6. Fuck cigarettes period lol. I know people that claim it does but whatever...I don't think so.
  7. You know whats better to smoke after weed? More weed.
  8. ive smoked a cig once or twice after smokin bud even tho i dont smoke cigs and they made the high more intense for a couple minutes
  9. Me and my friend smoked a ciggarette for our first time we didnt expect it to make it any better we were just high and we ran out of things to smoke :p
  10. If you're going to smoke a cigarette anyway, I would recommend smoking one after you smoke your Cannabis. You said that you were looking to intensify your high. Therefore, I would wait about 5 minutes after you toke, then smoke a cigarette. You will get the buzz added on to your ascending high.

    Although I do not condone the use of cigarettes or tobacco in general.
  11. Tobbacco can act to improve the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol that your lung can absorb. But you only need a little and adding more won't help. A smoke after a joint won't get you higher, but I like it.

    Also, anyone in s/e qld holding? Stingin.
  12. I smoke about a pack a day...and I always smoke a cigarette after weed. It doesn't make you "higher"...the weed just increases the nicotene head rush...which only lasts a couple of minutes.
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  14. Listen buddy, I have the answer. Get a pack of newports. They are the best to get you that buzz you want.

    Smoke a cigarette Right after your done smoking. As soon as you feel the weed high, smoke a cig. You get a nice head rush.
  15. I get incredibly high if I smoke a cigarette after blazing, I don't know why it hits me so hard. I'm not a cigarette smoker, I smoke one every couple of days at best. But earlier today I took one hit off my one-hitter and I was slightly buzzed. Then I smoked a cigarette and for about 15 mins I felt like I had just smoked a huge blunt.

    I guess it's different for everybody, but it definitely makes me feel higher.

  16. It doesn't get you more high. How could it? It's just the nicotine buzz emphasized by being high. It's like eating after you smoke, you enjoy it more
  17. I agree with jayb1rd. its not a bad idea to smoke a cig after u smoke weed, if u like smoke cigs. It makes the head rush from the cigarette stronger but it has virtually no effect on the high from the weed. the only problem is that cigarettes make you less hungry.
  18. All a ciggarete does is give you big head rush from the nicotine. In terms of getting you "higher" it doesn't. You just expirence a intese head rush for like 4 minutes. I don't smoke ciggaretes by the way. I tried it after smoking for a while, and i said screw it, and stuck to weed. Plain and simple.
  19. i saw a thread about this a few days ago that said you are supposed to smoke cigs before weed
  20. I just quit smoking cigs about 2 months ago. I can't say I get less high now.
    I smoked weed and cigs together for 4 years, if there is an effect it is very mild.
    If you don't smoked cigs I see no reason to start now.

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