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smoke b4 bed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bud beholder, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. is smoking before bed a good thing
    or a waste of weed?
  2. I love it just because it gives me crazy vivid dreams
  3. Love to smoke before I go to sleep. It relaxes me and I get to sleep so much faster. I don't overdo it, it only takes a small bowl to get me in that relaxed state and I don't want to waste a huge high, you know?
  4. It depends. Smoking before going to bed helps me to sleep easier, but sometimes it could be waste if you only have a little bud left. Its all up to you i guess.
  5. i love smoking bud like 30-40mins before i sleep i have a nice relaxing high then fall asleep super cozy with a huge smile on my fave :D:smoke:
  6. I suppose it just depends on WHY you smoke.

    I smoke for many reasons, sometimes it's for pain relief, sometimes it's a fun recreational tool and other times it's to help me sleep.

    If you are having trouble sleeping and weed helps you sleep I don't see how that really makes it a waste, but that's just me.
  7. This.

    Also I smoke before bed because I have some pretty bad insomnia so it helps put me to sleep and also helps keep me asleep
    That and it gives you a nice buzz the next day
  8. nah man do it. you wont regret it
  9. I say this to everyone who creates threads asking questions about smoking before bed or to help them get to sleep:

    Remember to do it only when you really want to, because if you do it enough it becomes a habit. Eventually you will need it to fall asleep.

    But if you have an unlimited supply or that isn't a problem, then go ahead. Also if you have insomnia and you are taking a medicine nightly, then you might as well replace it with the herb. Go natural ;)
  10. I don't believe this is something that happens with everyone. I don't NEED it to fall asleep and I smoke weed before bed often. I've always had problems sleeping at night anyway.
  11. Of course. Everyone responds differently to Cannabis and sleeping. Some people have addictive tendencies, some do not. For most people it helps them sleep, for others they couldn't fall asleep if they tried. I just use that as a general rule of thumb. ;)

    But I couldn't agree more that Cannabis is one of the best sleeping aids if you respond well to it. :smoke:

  12. true good point,
    thank you
  13. I only recommend smoking weed before you sleep if you are having sleeping problems. If you can easily fall asleep, I think it's a waste. It might give you sweet dreams and trust me I know it does, but you're just going to forget them. If you have a shitload of weed go for it, otherwise I think its a waste.
  14. It's always a good time to smoke. :hello:
  15. the only problem with weed before sleeping is that it is a waste of a high. I'd say it depends on your budda situation.

    smoking 40 min before bed is usually good- i think it helps to come down a little so you don't wake up feeling too tired
  16. smoking weed before going to bed is fun because you can watch a good television show. but i usually dont watch t.v. during the day.
  17. I love smoking before going to bed. It's just a great feeling to go to sleep all happy and stuff. I don't think it's a waste of a high unless you immediately sleep after you smoke. I usually smoke and then watch tv or listen to music for an hour and then go to bed. The only drawback is that it does become addictive, at least for me. If I smoke before bed for a few nights in a row, it's hard for me to fall asleep the next night I don't smoke. For this reason, I try to never smoke before bed 2 nights in a row. If you stagger the nights you do it, it shouldn't be a problem.
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    yea me and the girl usually rip one about like 30 mins or so before bed and play some games or do something relaxing and then fall straight to sleep with nice dreams. i usually hit up call of duty and then when im getting into almost sleep mode i'll throw in some skate or a skate dvd and lay back and chill on it :smoke:

    edit: ha so i jusst picked up my plate of beefaroni and then thought wow haha we're actually about to bedtime blaze rite now after i finish my beefaroni and call of duty's already been playing in the background for a min haha :yummy:
  19. I didnt know where i could post this to get a quick response. if your middle man gets busted can it come back to you?

  20. haha that reminds me of myself

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