Smoke and talk

Discussion in 'General' started by amish rasta, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. just shmoked a bowl of stikky widow
    whos up for conversatoin???
  2. Damn, I clicked here expecting you to say you can smoke and talk at the same time (which of course would be balling, but oh well lol).

    How's it treatin ya?
  3. hahaha well yea its koo foo
    ate me sum twinkies...:D
    have u recently had a sesh?
  4. just watched the sunsent on the hill behindmy house and burned a doob. pretty nice weather tonight:smoking:
  5. my friend can hold a hit and talk at the same time. i dont get it, cause air has to pass through, whenever i try it a whole messed up cloudd of smoke comes out.
  6. this happen to anybody else?? take a bong rip and pass it on...then a couple minutes later u remember to exhale... big ass cloud of smoke... friends always laugh about that.

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