smoke alone or with friends?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Aug 11, 2003.


smoke bud alone or with buds?

  1. alone

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  2. friends

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  1. sometimes its just better to get high alone, while other times, in fact most of my memories with my friends, we were almost always high. it doesnt have to be many friends, it can be just one.
  2. i only smoke very late at night, after midnite, so im usually alone.
  3. Most def got to smoke with a friend or 2
    Way to hard to laff alone,unless i got a mirrror but thats another,sa im way to high on my day off
  4. I like both... so I didn't really vote. Last time I smoked, I had the wickedest conversation with myself with a mirror... Good times.
  5. i dont know to me its like drinking by know it would be more fun to have poeple to get wasted with.

  6. lol, what!?! is that possible
  7. doesn't matter depends when i i want to et high.... if im alone, hey more for me... with friends... just pack some more....doesn't really matter to me.....sooo both...
  8. I prefer smoking alone, mostly because I get quiet for the most part. If I do smoke with someone, I usually like smoking with 1 person. With more than 1, your conversations aren't as deep or get split up.
  9. i smoke alone at night most every night just to chill and relax and listen to music, but i really like gettin fucked up with friends but my smokin bud(haha) moved to st louis so its hard to find ppl to smoke with now, o well dudes and dudets, i kill clowns...

  10. Alright, alright. I voted friends cuz it's more fun.

    Hehehe, ur funny shoota.. Cool guy.
  11. it depnds who it is im getting stoned with, one of my mates acts like an ass when his stoned but my other mates are cool
  12. i like both. sometimes i like to clean house with my music playing(right now i luv the norah jones cd)ya know, mellow out after by yourself. or havin a bath with candles all around. just quietness it nice. but it's also fun with friends. i could take it either way
  13. I think I prefer alone.. cause I've got no friends. Well maybe 2, and they're not really friends. So yeah.. all on my lonesome.
    Tonight for example.. I can't smoke but I could go hang out at 1 friend's house and it would be just me and those 2 friends there getting drunk. So I can either get drunk with my 2 "friends" or stay home messing around on the computer and watching tv completely sober. I'm thinking I'm going ot stay home.
  14. I pretty much smoke everynight by myself and i love listen to music and having closed eye visuals and just chilling. But then again, getting lit and going around the streets is fun too.(But some ppl stoned get on my stoned nerves) lol.

  15. I voted by my self. I get less social when im stoned so i like to just chill and think maybe with some music going or visit gc. Talking is just too much of a chore when stoned!
  16. I enjoy it so much more doing it alone or with one other person. Any more than that the high is different. When I do it alone I do it for personal reasons (to think, listen to music, etc) and when with friends its to just get messed up and have fun. I smoke more alone, so I voted that.
  17. I like smoking with people better.. I usually like to talk and discuss things when im stoned

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