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smoke alone or not

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by THC1011, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. If i have weed i will smoke by myself and be cool. But i heer its not good to smoke all alone.

    What do u think
  2. Why not, i love doing it w/ or w/o people. Its wayyy more realaxing by yourself and it seems like you talk and are alot more active w/ people
  3. Smoking alone is very healthy.. if it wasnt for smoking alone I would not be sane...

    those days I just get to kick back, relax, smoke, listen to music, play some guitar....

    damn if it wasnt for those days I would probably be
  4. Yeah you could smoke alone. Smoking is usually a group thing, but there's nothing wrong in doing it alone.
  5. yeah i burn by myself all the time. its so relaxing
  6. why not man good times
  7. most stoners i know smoke solo and with people. i dont see why people wouldnt do both.
  8. my whole summer was waking up at 2 pm, filling my bong, and going on the porch and smoking mad weed. literally everyday at least 2 times a day.

    dont get me wrong i smoke with many people aswell but i LOVE smoking alone more. no worrys about you having to smoke people up and not get the favor in return.
  9. I smoke with people if I have my stuff with me and we're in the mood for some smoke.

    But if I have weed and I'm at home with no plans, I'll spark it up no problem.

    Smoking alone is nice, for sure
  10. I like smoking by myself. I suppose it's healthier in a way as there's no risk of communicable disease through other's saliva.
  11. I enjoy it occassionaly. When I do, I can think to myself and listen to my music and just sit in silence outside and watch nature growing.

    But I like to be with friends because it's pretty entertaining.
  12. I usually get waaaaaaaaay to lost in my thoughts and end up buggin out, chillen with other people distracts me from this, so i never smoke alone anymore.
  13. smoking b my self is great, i get to freak out and sing as much as i want
    i feel like im fucking pavarotti wen im blazed
  14. Smoke by yourself man. It's great. Not only that you don't need to worry about etiquette or anything, just you, your weed, and your high
  15. People always say that they don't smoke on their own at my school but the minute you say you do they all admit to it.

    Most people who smoke smoke on their own at least occasionally, I do it once or twice a week on my own but I would prefer to do it with friends most of the time. But sometimes it's nice to chill out on your own.

    It's all preference, do what makes you happy.
  16. smoking alone is great, it lets you reflect, chill without having to think about someone else
  17. Weed is like an orgasm. It's fun to have with someone else, but it doesn't mean I'm not going to jerk off when nobody's around.
  18. smoking alone is fine but only about half as fun as when your with a coupple buddies
  19. hahaa budtastic that was good ,I added Rep
  20. i smoke alone more than i do with other people.

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