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Smoke all at once or spread out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by littlesmitty, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. If you were to smoke a few bowls, would you rather smoke all of them at once or spread them out over time?
  2. depends on how good the weed is

    if im gonna be pretty high off of a bowl then I'll spread it out, especially if I have time
  3. depends on how i feel

    usually i would spread it, that way i wont be bummed out later when i'm dry.
  4. depends how much i have and what i am doing that day/night
  5. chea spread it out.. i usually like to smoke 2 bowls then chill for a while, then when im not that high anymore smoke a bowl and so on -_-
  6. It depends, also on how much. If its a 20 sack by myself i'll usually smoke it all, but if i know i wont be able to get bud, i'll make it last the weekend. If i'm with my friends and its like a 30 sack we will smoke it all. I do conserve a lot, but i also buy a alot :D so it usually ends up with me smokign all my weed and buying more the next day haha.
  7. smoke till im high to my own satisfaction, stop, when i wanna smoke more i smoke untill im satisfied, stop, repeat untill there is no more bud

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