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  1. Allow me to preface this by saying this idea is not even close to plausible yet for reasons that I will explain. The reason I am posting this is that i hope someone will read it and somehow modify it to something that is more f a possibility.

    The idea is this: we line up across america, a line of people from new york to california. On one end someone starts with a glass piece loaded with the finest dope around. Pretty much we would just pass the piece down the line, everyone gets a hit and it would make its way across the entire country. Only problem is that this a a ridiculous idea that wont work. i did some calculations and figured out that it would require about 3.5 million people and the bowl would take about 200 days to make its way across the country.

    Anyone have any variations on the idea that might work? I am very eager to make something happen.
  2. Wow that would be so cool. Maybe it's cool that it would take that long because think of how you could use satellite imagery and google earth to figure out where the smoke line is and it would give people advance notice to get there or you could market off the area and sell tickets and donate it all to NORML.

    But that's purely from a business perspective but we're pro-legalization so it would have to be free. Think of the marijuana! It should be smoked for free for our right to smoke it freely.
  3. Maybe in all of the major football stadiums people fill them up with people and at a certain time or date everyone can toke hella and then satellites can see all the smoke pouring out of the stadiums like chimneys. That would be cool.:hello:
  4. hahaha that shit would get confiscated by the cops so would need thousands of pieces in my opinion.
  5. yea..itd be cool to see though. like from the street.. itd be like a smokestack :p
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    Not to mention a whole lot of disinfectant... dirty stoners and their germs...
  7. Why is it we can't plan...well anything unless smoking is included?

    The people these protests and rallies are aimmed at are those who disagree with our views. I believe we want them to see us as normal people just like them not people who can't stop smoking weed long enough to make a point.

    I firmly believe any event that takes place will have a much stronger impact if we put the piece down. Excluding hemp fest, hash bash, and various 420 events, those are more for us but it also shows people it's harmless, even when thousands of people gather and smoke people remain peaceful and civil.
  8. Tony is exactly right. I believe that the stereotypical stoner is what people know as someone who smokes pot and it reflects on everyone else who smoke marijuana, but don't let it rule their lives. Not too much at least..
    <3 pot...

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