Smoke a Bowl for My Little Brother

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. (Kinda long....)

    My youngest brother (almost 19) left just a few hours ago. Well, we dropped him off.

    He was up here for a week along with his Pit-Bull puppy. It was great seeing him.

    He had hitch-hiked from San Fran to Wyoming, Key West, Chicago, and just now to Mass. What a badass. He loves traveling just as much as I do. He actually came up without me even knowing, I just get a call at work and its him saying he's at my house.

    Met up with him, saw that he'd grown a ton, hairier, and just getting older. But, I could still see that 13 year old kid asking to play on my computer and laughing while looking at the internet. So, we just chilled told stories of our adventures and trips (both kinds ;)).

    This was actually the first time we've ever smoked together. And let me tell you, he's got some Iron Lungs. Man can smoke :eek:. It was my treat since he was my guest. I was damned impressed.

    Went on some hikes with his dog and just chilled, and got baked. Like all brothers should do. But, I had to drop him off. I offered him a place to stay and live. But, he said he had too much to see and do to stay. The world just calls to him. As it does to me, so I completely understand. Plus, he doesn't like where I live, lol.

    So, it panged my insides to do this, but he wanted to hitch out. We ended up driving like 200 miles out and he chose where he wanted to be "set free" at. And I was a little bad at the goodbye, so it felt rushed. But, I was actually choking up.

    I gave him money, my new knife I had just bought, some wool clothes, since he's heading west to Montana, bought all his dog's needs. Made sure he was set with everything he needed.

    ...yea, this is was stoner, hippie, vagabond brothers do. :D

    I'm about to smoke this bowl in his honor. :smoke:
  2. Sounds like a cool bro.
  3. ya man thats really great. i would give a lot to have a brother like that.

    my next bowl is for your guys. May you both be safe in all of your travels.

    Sounds like an awsome experiance, and hopefully you guys can share many more like it!

    Does he have a place to stay at all? What exactly is he doing and why? im really quite interested.

    does he just have like a backback and his things? and just travels cross country?
    whatever is up man. hope he is safe and livin his dream!
  4. I was just considering smoking another bowl or not before bed...but that story inspired me.
    This next one will be in your bro's honor, he seems like a cool ass motherfucker.
  5. fuck yeah dude, fuck yea. thats all im gonna say.
    this bowls for your brother.
  6. That is amazing.
    Your brother seems like a real down to earth cool ass guy.
    If i had any bud to smoke, i would deffinately light it up for you two.

    (sadly, i havent smoked in 3 years)

  7. Yep, we usually just have our backpacks with what we need in them.

    He doesn't have his passport, so he doesn't leave the country. Just roams all over the US. He squats building a lot with people he meets along the way.

    I travel half-way like that. I work on farms all over the world for some time then, I bring my hammock, tarp, and sleeping back and go roam for 4 months. Where you lay your head is home for the night. :hello:
  8. He sounds basically like a modern cowboy IMO... Completely awesome.
  9. The weird thing is that I started doing that when I was at a younger age. But, to actually have to drop your little brother off into the unknown at his request...its hard.

    For me, anyway...
  10. This kind of thing really puts a smile on my face.

    It's great to hear that people still love good old travel :hello:

    Oh and Heinous, I didn't get to meet up with you at Vibes man, next year were burnin it down for sure, you've got my word :D:smoke:
  11. Dude badass!

    Once i finish college i'm gonna go backpacking across Europe with some friends and my bro for a semester, see where i get.

    I plan on having like 2 grand to take with me(bank cards, no cash to get robbed) assuming i can get my money from ATMs or banks in europe and transfer it to Euro's, but i probably wont spend much cash anyway.

    I'm gonna be doing alot of walking tho, so i'm hitting the gym 3 times a week treadmilling to build up endurance, my buds are doing the same.
  12. It's always sad when you have to return a bug or animal back into the wild.
    I can imagine it'd be fairly similar with a little brother.
  13. for his safety

    i'll smoke one for his safety
  14. Dude I'm doing that next summer, as soon as I graduate highschool. So far the only actual thing I have planned is to get up to B.C. and go to Pemberton music festival. I will definately smoke this bowl for your bro!

    The other crazy thing about this story is that I am 10 years older than my little brother, and while I was reading this story, I could picture him doing this with me and about how hard it would be to leave him like that.

    Here's to a safe trip for your bro! :bongin:
  15. I guess roaming free runs in your blood. I would love to travel the U.S. like that someday, but then again I have grown accustomed to my life style. Who knows were life will take me though;)
  16. Your brother sounds fuckin awesome dude, I wish I had the courage to do something like that.... I wont be smoking until tomarow but when I do it will be for him.
  17. sending (((good vibes))) out to your brother,
    my next bowl is for him
  18. That's sick! Your brother seems like a chill guy. :)
  19. Badass. This post reminded me of Kerouac. :hello:
  20. No doubt man, I'll spark up for him:smoking:

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