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Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. Had a couple very stressfull days at work today, gotta go through the same shit tomorrow.. Decided I wanted to smoke a blunt tonight.. Gotta Blueberry bluntwrap. A fresh one smells so friggin good!. Another good one you guys should all try is the Sour Apple flavored bluntwraps.. Should get really high..One question.. You guys ever smoke blunts by yourself? I do it very rarely, because I never need that much.. But then ya get those days when you need
  2. i did the other day actually :D

    i do it when i just wanna get totally bombed... but then there's the times when i just wanna be by myself for once (i usually always smoke with friends)... so i'll smoke a couple bowls or a blunt or something to the head. it's just better sometimes.
  3. I'm not a big blunt man, but I love smoking by myself.
  4. Don't mind if I do...

    Actually, I use smoking a whole blunt to myself as a reward for doing something I know I should, like cleaning my room, or doing my chores...only thing is, if I don't have enough weed for a blunt, those chores don't get done :D
  5. Yeah, I try to use it to reward myself as well. But it seems If I have enough, I end up doing even less than otherwise.
  6. Well I have a real problem saving any money.. So I buy weed from myself :) Make sense? I'll buy an ounce using my paycheck, live off tips, and with any extra money, put five away smoke a joint, or couple bowls..Put ten away, and smoke a blunt, or couple joints or few bowls..It's my new way of saving money..started few days ago and I bought 50 dollars of weed from me :D
  7. Reminds me of Cheech and Chong. Except it seems you actually have some money to show for it.
  8. I absolutely love smoking blunts -- they are my favorite form of smoking, hands down. I rarely ever smoke a blunt to myself -- I usually end up smoking what's left of a blunt after a session to myself later on in the night, but hardly ever a full phill.

    BTW...blueberry wraps are nasty! LOL Sour apple kick ass though -- I also love watermelon and peach.
  9. I love smoking a whole blunt to myself and playin guitar
  10. only if someone else rolls it. never cared to learn the technique behind rolling.

    nicotine rush is an extra buzz for sure tho
  11. My weed tastes to good to ruin with cancer.....I mean tobacco
  12. Sour apple blunts are fire lol those were all I used during my teen years.
  13. Well not blunts. They taste fucking gross. You don't get to taste any of the weed. I just smoke cigarette size joints instead.
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