Smokathon last night

Discussion in 'General' started by FearAndLoathing, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Yesterday was a sweet night. My parents were out for the night so I had 2 buddies come over. We decided that it would good if we grabbed a lot of weed and smoked it so we met up with a dealer and grabbed a 1/4. We also grabbed 3 blunt wraps.

    So we got back to my place, everyone rolled a 1.5gram blunt(3 of them). Then we went to my shed, which is like a old, dirty, falling apart kind of building where we store a bunch of shit we dont use anymore.(I dunno why my dad doesnt just throw it out?) Anyways, we grabbed some chairs and some drinkins went in and closed the door. Then we lit up a blunt and smoked it, lit up the second when the first one was half way done. When the first one was done we lit up the 3rd and smoked it. I was pretty high at this point, then my buddy pulls out his bong. So were all like 'Ya! Bong hits!" So we filled up the bong with water from a bottle he conveniently had with him(the bastard planned it all along haha) and started to smoke a bowl. The shed was really hotboxed at this point. We got through 3 bowls, which were about .5g each. We decided to stop because everyone was bursting out laughing for no apparent reason whenever they were about to hit the bong.

    I was sooooo stoned, proabably the highest I've ever been. After the huge session, we played around the world on my basketball net, smoked our last bit of weed in the bong and then we went in and played super mario kart and killer instinct on superNES. It was really fun! I was high for like 4 hours.
  2. shoulda fuckin called me up haha
  3. sounds like fun
  4. I love having huge smoking sessions. When my friend harvested his plants we had a huge session with 10 close friends a couple cases of beer some hard liquor and all the bud you wanted. I was so blazed, we smoked like 6 blunts more bong rips than i can remember, 5 joints (we ran out of cigars :( ), i had my pipe just packed to myself so whenever i felt like taking a hit i could.

    Ah good times.

    Huge smoking sessions are the best, i love to have huge smokin sessions right when i wake up, WAKE N BAKE!! Normally we smoke all the weed the night before, so they aren't always possible :)
  5. That's kinda what I did last night too.

    Picked up a quarter between me and two friends. Rolled up two blunts, each with two grams or so. A Dutchie and a Peach Wrap.

    Whipped out the bong. Smoked a few bowls. Watched Spun.

    Summer rules.
  6. that sounded like fun, but how the hell did you get a half a gram in one bong bowl? those can only hold like .15 of a

    yeah, the first time i smoked it was like that. for me anyway. we hade a couple joints, a couple blunts, and countless bong rips.
  7. Ya, theres hundreds of different bowls out there....many different sizes.
  8. i would have hit the deck from that much schmokin.
  9. ^^^^^^That's called a cereal bowl heheh

    But man.. my friends keychain pipe held like .25 grams, what kinda bong you got? o_O

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