Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. all i can make is this one :( and this one :) so if you know ne other cute ones can you please show me how??

    k thnx
  2. thank you :) <3333
  3. haha, byu the subject i thought we were talking brands of E. did anyone else think that? haha, smileys are consistantly real, and they have a reputation for being very pleasent and mellow, yet giving all the euphoria that the best E can. :)
  4. I used some kinda E called Red Bull it was like all professional lookin i got in the D and alot i have seen are like well not professional looking lol. It was REAL good tho my friends do E alot and they were trippin REAL hard it was some real good shit!!
  5. lots of times red bull id MDE, which is liek coke or a lot of caffiene. theres a group of kids out in nevada that make a lot of fake e and one of the brands they scammed was red bull. i alwayse say if you didnt feel love, then you didnt feel MDMA, but if you did, aint it great?
  6. I can show you a great smiley, here, just let me just light my bic lighter for a few minutes, then i can show you!
  7. the best E I've ever had was a red heart with an arrow through it. it was a double stack pill. But it was so fucking good.
  8. My friends had red bulls before, i never tried any of them but they looked great, the effects that they had on my friends just proved it, clean out of it.

    But there are a type called stars around at the moment, very good.

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