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Discussion in 'General' started by Super_Joint, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Just so i dont have to type out the full story, here's a super-short summary.

    Last night i was give a smiley burn by some asshole who thought it would be oh-so-hilarious to do to me while i was relaxing with my eyes closed, and now i have a very badly done, and very conspicuous smiley on the top of my right wrist.

    How do i get it to heal without scarring?
  2. a smiley burn?


    that sucks dude.....

    I have no idea.....
  3. dont trip, if it wasnt like, super blister smiley it wont scar, and if it does it ownt be for long anyway
  4. where im from theres a guy we call Smiley who sits on the side of the roads and he will either wave to you while giggling to himself. .

    or he flips you off
  5. hahahaha i wish we had someone like that out here there is a tunnel in my town thats like maaad old and its 1 lane so u have to take turns and an old man who lives next to it used to sit in a lawnchair in his yard and wave but he died a few years ago
  6. What's a smiley burn?
  7. hahah ur fucked

    i mule kicked somone who was pretending to do that to me while i was tripping on like 4g of premo fungi once
  8. One word: lidocaine. Get some.
  9. OUCH, that sucks. I really hope that doesn't scar or anything, that'd be a real bitch.
  10. I haven't done that/have it done to me since like 8th grade.
  11. real men have scars!!

    dont worry about it, just put ointment n shit on it and dont pick the scab n u'll be fine, even if it does scar it'll barely be noticeable and it'll go away after awhile
  12. I'd seriously beat some ass if anyone did that to me.
  13. Yeah man I would be pretty pissed if someone did that to me. I'd put something on it most definitely. Not sure about the scarring though.

    That does suck.
  14. an imposter!!!...i was gonna say i couldnt imagine the system admin posting a thread like this...
    - i did that type of shit in the 8th grade...once you enter highschool, that shit is unacceptable
  15. Haha, I did a double take as well.
  16. aloe vera and neosporine....vasaline and a bandage too. burns are bad and can get infected easily
  17. haha i wondered about the post count actually... and i dont see anything remotely smiley like on that dudes arm lol...thats retarded

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