Smh @ Craigslist dealers.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jizzledfreq, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. 420 is a dangerous day.. Where as everyone is all like "Yeah, I need to grab and smoke up!!" in a big frenzy, I prefer, if I can, to just sit it out and avoid the bullshit, the police, the dealers who are the most popular people in town for a day and whatever other bullshit I have yet to foresee.

    420 is fuckin' played out man, it ain't worth the risk or the hassle, fuck all that noise.
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  2. Exactly if it aint involved in going to a concert or 420 festival its just another day sit back in ur house n smoke watch tv/movies ect

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  3. Well thankfully I got to the dispensary early that day b/c the line was literally like a theme park line. I'm actually suprised there weren't more cops on the Idaho/Oregon border just waiting to bust people.

    I didn't talk to a soul, just got my half oz and got the hell out of town. Got home, got stupid blazed, and had a good 420.

    Yeah. I wouldn't have mind spending it with awesome friends, but that's exactly what I did.

    420 is kind if a cool holiday for me, and ever since I started smoking @ 17, (29 now) and unfortunately that was literally my 1st (maybe 2nd) 420 I actually enjoyed. Every other 420 I was either broke or surrounded by people who were killing my vibe.
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  4. Alot of people on cl are scammers. There are good people also, try not to let the bad apples ruin it
  5. Any decent dealer has to start somewhere
  6. I can’t even believe that anyone, at least in an illegal state, would ever even think to call a phone number from Craigslist to buy cannabis. I just can’t even fathom this - don’t you people watch Cops??

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  7. Wait - what does this mean “through the window”?

  8. I must be missing something - you just finished saying you had $180. Set aside for buds?

  9. Anyone that starts on craigslist is a crook, an idiot, desperate, or all three. Drugs sell themselves. Any "dealer" that doesn't know any drug users should probably consider another line of work.
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  10. Yeah maybe in movies like new jack city..boyz n the hood ect lol

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  11. He might have been referring to a transaction through a car window, been there done that may times.

    When I was younger one of my friends sold from his bedroom window. Not in the hood either, this was in an upper middle class neighborhood. Customers would just walk up to the window and make their purchase. He just chilled in a recliner playing video games in between customers. He never dealt hard stuff, just weed and "hippy related" unmentionables.
  12. in a way ur right. but I meant for someone that is actually trying to be legit, not screw anyone and build their brand. cant hate them for at least trying to do something
  13. I actually managed to get rid of some stuff on Criagslist last summer. Sketchy as fuck but made a quick $100
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  14. see, there you go....
  15. And I met my baby mama on Craigslist...

    Sooooo... I guess you can say Craigslist has treated me well.
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  16. I hope that was a good thing. craigslist has treated me very well also and I am grateful for being able to use it to advance my side business. wish there were more "Craiglist" types out there
  17. lol just move to oregon man shiit

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  18. Well I got a kid in Southwestern Montana, AND I have a medical card there as well!

    Last summer I took a couple of trips to Spokane, WA because it was only a few hours away. MMJ in Montana is kind of overpriced and lacks selection. It's $180 for flower & $60 for 1g of concentrates.

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