Smelly room????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wildc@rd, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Hey folks,

    I am about to grow for the first time (Mr Nice... in a closet using a decent lighting rig) but I am concerned that once my little beauty has started growing my room will give off a noticeable smell. I'm not worried about being caught or anything.. that's not an issue. I just don't want a stinky room...

    Any info?
  2. lmao.. you dont want a stinky room.. lol

    sorry, but I don't have any advice.

    However, if it makes you feel any better.. you did make me laugh :)
  3. you could go all out with the carbon scrubber. that will get rid of your smell, i use 2 room freshners. got them from the local grocery. its mango/peach. i just have one cracked all the way open near the grow room, and there is another cracked all the way open in the gro room near the front door. all you smell is peaches and mangos. works for me and thats covering up 4 plants:)
  4. whats a carbon scrubber? are you talking about one of those plug it in things?
  5. HIGH All, growingreen at OG made one...check it out

    I'll be building one myself.
  6. I use a carbon scrubber, shop bought. Gets rid of 100% of smell. They are quite easy to construct if you are DIY orientated. (But be warned every tin/tub looks like a DIY carbon filter to me, now! ;-) I also use a couple of Pine type Freshners and it seems to work fine.

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