smelly jar <help please>

Discussion in 'General' started by happybuddah45, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. ok guys and gals i have this perfect ass little nug jar that holds about a quarter in it but the problem with it is it was a mini yankee candle at one time so it still smells like friggin berries

    i have handwashed the shit out of this thing but for some reason it still smells of the candle on this top lid where the rubber stopper is

    if i throw it in the dishwasher do you think the smell will go away?
  2. Let it all soak in vinegar for a few days, that should really get the smell out.
  3. If only the rubber stopper smells and you throw it away... then I'm sure the rubber stopper will probably still smell, it just wont be part of your setup anymore. And if the rest of your set up doesn't smell, then problem solved.

    Although... weed + berries... what the problem is?
  4. I would go to Wal Mart and spend $8 on a pack of 12 canning jars. No chance of residual smell, and cheaper than a sigle Yankee Candle Jar.

    I wouldn't want to risk making my weed smell like candles...
  5. that jar proably had '' formaldihide'' in it,,,,

    and contained a set of babies ears,,,,,

    before someone turned it into a candle,,,,

  6. I once hollowed out a passion-fruit candle to hide my baggie. When I finally took the green out to smoke, the smell transcended 'heavenly'.
  7. aight ill try the dishwasher then ill try vinegar thanks for the responses
  8. the dish washer could fuck up the rubber....not all rubber things are dishwasher safe

    i had a rubber lid to this glass pitcher and it went the washer and got be warned...try vinager first?

  9. for real berries and weed are like bread and butter
  10. soak that shit in rubbing alchohol son

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