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  1. I have a serious problem that has been going on for almost two years now!! My weed smells like fresh cut grass from the very beginning all of the way to harvest. Once it is cured and ready to smoke it tastes good, burns good, and has a nice high but SMELLS LIKE FRESH CUT GRASS!!! WTF am I doing wrong.

    It happened almost overnight. I had a usual crop that was really good and smelled like it was supposed to. Then the very next crop smelled like fresh cut grass. I've had about 8 crops in a row that have had the same problem and I am totally broke and will have to give up if I can't figure out the problem very soon.

    I've been growing for 10 years and have been doing things the same ever since my first crop and have always had really good smoke until now. I didn't change anything at all but obviously something has changed. I just rebuilt my grow room from the ground up sterilizing everything as I went thinking that there may be some kind of mysterious fungus or something that is causing the problem. I'm now 4 weeks into flower after the rebuild and the MOTHER FUCKING SMELL IS BACK! I walk into the room and it smells like someone just mowed my gawd damn lawn!

    I'm using (and have been using for many years) the following:
    (3) 600w HPS air cooled lights
    (18) General hydroponics waterfarm pots
    propane CO2 generator ( I keep the room at 1000ppm)
    dutchmaster gold noots with add .27 (PPM and PH are always in check)
    blue moon carbohydrates
    dutchmaster liquid light and saturator

    The room is 10'x6.5' with a 7' ceiling

    I keep the room at:
    80 degrees F day
    75 degrees at night
    60% humidity
    I have a merv 16 air filtration system to clean the air in the room
    I am venting 120CFM out of the room continuously 24 hours per day. I have more than adequate fresh air intake for the room. This equals an air change about every 4 minutes. I also have an osculating fan to help circulate the air.

    Does anybody have any idea what the hell is going on?[​IMG]

    \t\t \t [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Did you change strains not all plant will stink but smell isnt everything
  3. Yeah, probably strain. Are you growing from seed or clone? Maybe you just bred with a bad pheno and have a crappy batch of seeds, or took clones from a bad mom. There can be genetic mutations that happen occasionally. It's unlikely, but possible that you started with a good strain that mutated and lost it's smell. Maybe try ordering some seeds online, switch to FF nutes, and use molasses. Too bad I can't hook you up with a clone. Order some Sour D seeds and they WILL smell.
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    I was using a strain know around here as Kali Kush. I started with clones that I got from a buddy and took clones from that original clone that I got for about 2 years then I would start another clone and would take clones off of her etc. etc. i did this for about 8 years with no real noticeable degradation. They were always healthy potent and had a wonderful odor. Then all of a sudden one crop smelled like wet hay, or fresh cut grass. The end product had all of the same qualities except for the smell. It smells absolutely awful. I grew another batch and had the exact same results. My first thought was the same as yours, so I obtained some seeds (El Nino) and started from scratch. The first crop had the same damn results. Nice plump buds with a very nice mellow high and the same hay like smell. Another oddity that I noticed is that some plants have only three leaves. I've had this happen before with the kush. Every once in a while a few plants would have three leaves but never noticed anything bad. The buds turned out the same as the other normal plants.

    I've used molasses before but switched to the blue moon because it seems to mix better with my nutrient solution. I switched several crops before the mysterious smell started. The smell isn't an issue for me but NOBODY else wants it. I literally can't even give it away. After the third or fourth failed crop I had a rubbermaid tub full of the stuff that I had no use for so I burned it in my burn barrel. It works good for hash but I don't really like hash and nobody else does either.

    I've heard that what I'm smelling is chlorophyll. I don't know if thats true, if it is then I wonder why there is such an abundance of it or why it has replaced the regular smell. If I break one of the buds open and stick it under my nose I can smell the sweet bud odor, but as soon as you open a jar full of it all you smell is hay. My whole grow room smells like wet hay too. It's really weird. I'm missing something or doing something wrong.

    Almost forgot, I switched to NSR and had the same result, then I switched to Flora Gro and same thing. I have a feeling it is something environmental but I have no idea how to diagnose the problem.
  5. just a thought but have you got a damp issue near the grow room that you don't know about like behind the walls or under the floorboards because that could be i said just a thourt to try and sort it out...i would be well pisst if i had to waste all that weed brov
  6. I had the same thing happen when I grew out some Tangerine Dream.. It had a nice potency but was some of the worst tasting/smelling bud I've ever grown!!! I seriously couldn't give this shit away lol.. Try some Snow White, Kushberry, Northern Lights Blue or Blackjack.. All four smell dank as hell!! I love the Snow White and Kushberry!!!!!

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