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Smells Like Skunk

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shermen, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Well im home for break from college. I picked up a fat Oz of NY Sour D
    and the smell is in my whole house. it is all pre bagged then those are in a larger bag that larger bag is in a the same size but with like 50 dryer sheets. But it still smells like a skunk sprayed alll over my freaken bed. I really need help on what else to do to cut out the smell besides opening up windows. PLEASE HELP
  2. Why do you want to cut out the smell ? Part of being a stoner is smelling like one.
    Haha ! Um ...
    Fan your room ?
    Wash your sheets ?
    Can't be that bad. They're all pretty much no-brainers anyway.
  3. Did you ever consider that maybe he's visiting home from college and that his parents dont approve of marijuana smoking?

  4. A stoner should smell like a regular guy, otherwise they're doing it wrong.
  5. I broke up a considerable amount of dank on a friend's dresser and the whole room smelled like weed once. My best advice is Germex on any surface it's been on, Febreeze on the sheets, and for good measure I'd make sure the bag was airtight and spray that too.
  6. Yeah dude sour diesel is one of the smelliest budz i have ever had. I kept mine in a mason jar in my dorm room and just didnt open that shit up until i was outside.

    Enjoy the sour Diesel man its one of my favorites
  7. man put it in something air tight, that might help

    like i got my stash in a air tight coffie container, works pretty well
  8. its not the smoke it just raw bud that smells so good. i got a air tight jar and put kitty littler in it with dry sheets did that germex crap but still got a smell this stuff i think is to good for me. Smoked aa gram and well it was the DOPEST DOPE
  9. put it in an airtight jar or another airtight container, that's pretty much the only way to stop the smell.

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