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Smells, bong vs pipe. very weird.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420bmx, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey gc world, first post.

    Kind of strange question, but i had a situation that puzzled me this morning.

    I'm 19, still living with parentals, i have a room upstairs to myself, and toke in there regularly, but later at night i like kicking it on the back deck by the pool, and when i do, i leave my stuff (bong, bowl etc) in my bike room as to not carry it past their room on the way up. never had a problem.

    But about a week ago i bought a little pipe, and have been using it instead of my billy at home, after a quick toke last night i put it in the spare room and continued to head upstairs and sleep.. (forgot to mention that my rentals know i smoke and dont mind, used to smoke themselves, just hate me smoking at home).
    Next morning, my mum asks my to "get rid of the bong thats stinking the house out", me confused, walks in and realize thats its just my pipe and an empty bowl sitting at the back of the room.

    I've kept bongs with water still in them for a day or two and never had a run in with them.

    Any of you ever had anything like this?
  2. its probably cause the bowl is all resin'd up, hence making a strong smell. idk, just a thought:p
  3. Put it in a ziplock bag or something.
  4. My main glass pipe smells pretty heavily. Just all the resin build up
  5. wash that shit.
  6. lighter to burn the resin on the screen and alcohol wipes ( or something like them) to clean the rest of it:smoke:
  7. maybe it was still cherried when you the put it down, and the residual smoke stank up the house.
  8. i know i keep my pipe in a mason jar with all that, but when it is really dirty it smells 100x worse than if it wasnt much. but really any res will stink to high heaven.
  9. I live in a small apartment, I have a wooden pipe here at home that smells pretty bad, but I keep it in a zip lock in a cabinet along with all my other goodies. Soon to be added to the at home collection... a MFLB!

    That said, I'd think it be wise to explain to your mother/father, that your bong is not the culprit and deserves to stay because it loves its owner, but that you will clean your pipe and you will be better aware of the smell for future encounters with your paraphernalia.

    Good luck amigo!
  10. my bong dose not smell at all my pipes smell like shit lol
  11. I can smell my bong 10 feet while outside lol. But to hide pipe smell is easy. If you just used it, store it inside a container. Don't forget to light incense, smoke smell can linger in a small room for days if there are no conflicting smells.

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