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smells and smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pask, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. sup dudes,

    i just got this weed, it smells fucking horrible..

    like, it doesnt smell anything liek normal weed..

    anyway, i would've just thrown it away if it didnt look so god damn good..

    it has a lot of thc on it..

    but it smells disgusting.

    do i smoke it?
  2. Have a sample joint/bowl or whatever, the proof is in the puff :hello: What exactly does it smell like man?
  3. it smells like vegetables and shit

    its really unpleasent

    maybe its mouldy, does it start to smell horrible if its mouldy?
  4. If it looks good, then you've got some super stanky product right there. My girlfriend used to always tell me that my buds usually smelled like skunk. Now she says that she smells bud when she smells skunk.
  5. lmao so have you ever had some weed that really did smell horrible?

    did you smoke it
    and did it make you sick?
  6. ;D

    i has an update, i smoked it, it was good!

    i got superbaked.
  7. Nice! I've picked up a few times when the bud smelled like a combination of skunk and puke to the point of being almost repulsive. Good to hear you got super baked :hello:

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