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Smelling your top lip

Discussion in 'General' started by nomoredoubts, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I think I am addicted to sniffing my top lip especially when blazing and this mixed with the fact I cant keep my hands out of my pants addiction makes me look insane, sometimes I just sit sniffing my top lip with my hand down the front of my pants all night long and think wtf!

    Need help GC
  2. wtf? aha :L:L
  3. Push your top lip up so it hits the bottom of your nose then hold it there, really push your lip up as far as it can go then sniff up basically thats it, its a full blown addiction I have going on right now I dont even know I am doing it like 24 fuckin 7 and when Im stoned it happens more.

    oh and the hands down the pants thing again sometimes when I am just sitting I end up with my hands down my pants looking like a right weirdo but its a guy thing though its what we do.
  4. I sniff my upper lip sometimes lol but thats not an addiction. Sometimes it just smells "different" lol
  5. Why the hell is that an addiction, does yours smell really good or something?
  6. It stinks but I love it, sniffing whilst I type actually, bad times!
  7. jesus, i dont even... that's a really weird addiction.
  8. What guy doesn't have one of their hands in their pants ... The lip thing idk about that tho
  9. My upper lip doesn't smell like anything special

  10. Yeah same here.

    What does your lip smell like?

  11. Prolly smells like rank puss

  12. Its hard to describe really..........

    a sort of acquired smell, try licking your lip then smelling it, takes it to another level.
  13. Just licked my upper lip and tried it and it smells disgusting.. I mean, sometimes I sniff my own armpits when I have slight body odor and I actually enjoy the smell.. Your own manly smell. However I don't understand smelling your lip. It would be pretty funny catching someone doing that.
  14. Well this is the hottest thing I've ever read
  15. When I lick my lip and sniff it it doesn't smell like anything. You must have saliva rife with bacteria.
  16. ill give u something to smell

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