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Smelling Weed Everywhere

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Florol, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I stopped smoking and haven't smoked in three months because of my parents. Sometimes I smell weed even though it doesn't smell like it. Or if a smell is close to weed, it automatically smells like weed to me.

    Sometimes I walk into my room and for a second it smells like weed. But then I don't smell anything. Does this happen to anyone? I must really want some weed :smoking:
  2. No sometimes I don't even smell it unless I'm in a very public place where it should not be.
  3. Good weed is like a fine perfume....So maybe you just come across good smells and think about weed
  4. The smell is coming from your parent's room....
  5. Happens to me occasionally, have a one-legged Jamaican neighbor with long dreads. Now I'm not stereotyping, but sometimes I smell weed coming from around his house, but have yet to figure out if he burns
  6. Dude-- He's Jamaican, with long dreads. And he's only got 1 frikkin leg!!!???!??
    You're WONDERIN if he blazes?
  7. no it doesnt, unless i breathe the smoke out my nose, then everything smells like weed haha

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