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Smelling like weed at school?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Weed 420, Mar 29, 2016.


Ok I have these friends and they had this tube that smelled like weed (they had joints in it) but th

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  1. Ok I have these friends and they had this tube that smelled like weed (they had joints in it) but they got suspended. I thought it was legal to smell like weed but illegal to have possession?¿
  2. What is legal and what can get you suspended from school are two complete different realms.
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  4. What grade are you in?
    Did you sign any school papers that state the student rules?
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  5. Still you should not get suspended for smelling like weed
  6. They should be smart enough to not smell like weed in high school, everyone knows how that ends. The school decides what gets you suspended.
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  7. Their own fault for getting caught, it doesn't have to be illegal for it to get you suspended, for example it's not illegal to swear at teachers but it will get you suspended.
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  8. If the tube they were holding joints in was in their possession then they could easily test the inside of the bottle abd probably find cannabis. Or your friends admited to what was previously in the container

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  9. All you need to do is be smart, Just say It's some sort of spray which happens to smell like pot. Deny everything they can't prove anything without effort.
  10. i cant believe anyone would be dumb enough to take weed to school these days. with all the zero tolerance crap and general hysteria over every little thing.
  11. God I'm happy I'm not in school anymore.

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  12. Guys I have 4 liters of dro in my backpack. thug life

    By the way I like the poll op. I chose weed.
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  13. I have to poop. Old Life.
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  14. There are so many stupid kids now in high school. My younger sibling who is a Junior constantly finds people with vape pens in their pockets, selling bud, and people lighting up joints in the bathrooms. And of course, its a rich white kid school so you cant really expect anything different.

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  15. I used to get high at school everyday and never had any problems. A friend of mine got suspended because he was an idiot and decided to grind his weed in the corridor - 2 seconds later a teacher walks round the corner and that was him fucked.

    I never smoked inside the school. My friends and I would go to our gravity bong we had stashed in the woods and would get high at lunch everyday. It never affected my grades but I can't say the same for my friends. A lot of them became lazy and decided to stop going to school. Long story short they started taking all kinds of unmentionables on a daily basis and fucked their lives up. A lot of them now deal unmentionables for a living.

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  16. I had weed all the time on me at school but i always put it in this locker that was supposed to be vacant. but one time this kid had asked me for weed and i gave it to him and it stunk up the whole room. Idk how the school found out i gave it to him but they just had theyre suspicions and kept me in the office. So i got suspended for it but not for smelling like weed. Just be careful

    Your friends probably got suspended for the joints they had on them
  17. Schools, even public ones with boards, have their own jurisdictions for the most part, as long as they are otherwise law-abiding. Just like private businesses. If you show up to school smelling like weed and you get suspended for it, the school can simply justify it as a measure to encourage the healthy development and growth of their students. Also, since you are going to school (non college) you are underage, which means no mercy there (the legal states of CO and WA require an age of 21 to buy and consume cannabis, and even young patients have a hard time).

    Not trying to sound like a prick here, by any means. I've been busted myself walking around smelling like weed at my *college* without paraphernalia or weed on me. This would never be the case in most public settings, but, you know, it's a school with its own jurisdiction...

    Be careful. Next time, take a walk in the breeze, change your shirt/jacket, or spray Glade on yourself before returning to class. Where I work there is this industrial-grade anti-odor spray we keep around for bathrooms and such (I cant remember the name of it but ill post tomorrow when I find out) which completely eliminates all odors, from feces to cigarette smoke, and it works just as well on weed smell. I'd see where you can get some of that, and keep it on you.
  18. If they had a container on them that they had joints in then they have potential paraphernalia

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