Smelling like Marijuana long after smoking

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    So my wife works in a dental office, for the past 6 weeks or so, the other girls at the practice have said that her office smells like weed, they know she smokes its no big deal, just kinda embarrassing. So shes been a little stressed out about it as sometimes she has patients in her office for one on ones. So she has put dryer sheets everywhere, like everywhere, I tell her and the other girls that there crazy, it could never smell that bad that long, its not like she smokes before

    Today, Im sick as shit , my doc is on vacation so I go to the day clinic. get in the docs office, waiting, the doc rolls in and first thing out of her mouth is "smells like cannabis in here".. "do you smell that'? i laugh and say thats probably me, I am a legal patient. So then she starts firing, who is your doctor? How long have you smoked? what do you use it for? have you smoked today? is this why you have a soar throat?

    I said look lady, Im here for antibiotics because Im sick with a throat infection, not because I use marijuana and I havnt smoked today. So then she goes on to say that she has to know everything, blah blah blha... so I tell her I have arthritis, pull my MMJ licence out of my wallet and show her. Wild, her face goes red and she shuts right up, checks my throat for infection, confirms infection and scribes me an antibiotic. It was very strange.. I laughed about it tho, people are fucked up... like right away she doesnt wanna treat me because I am a drug user, that was her instinct when she first saw me.. like fuck off and do your job.

    thats my long true

  2. Your wife dosent want to help you out because you smell like weed.... while she smokes and smells like weed aswell? Girls gone crazy, haha funny story hope you 2 settle this out.

  3. what do you mean? i dont understand?
  4. I had this same problem for a couple weeks, then I realized there was a roach in my wallet I saved from a concert....luckily I was never pulled over cause it would wreak anytime I was in a small space.
  5. Wow dude that sucks I hate when people get up all in your face. Like honestly it's not your business so back off. Even if you do smell like it.

    What I do if for some reason I smell of marijuana really bad and go to chill with a friend, and they don't like the smell just get a $5.00 can of axe, or tag. does the trick. Or smoke outside. both work.
  6. I have a feeling its because of the grow op in the house, I mean we have exhaust going out, but just being in there and around it for 2-3- hours a night it might be contributing

  7. Well there's your problem;)

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