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  1. ok my plant is going on its 3rd week of flowering, people say that when u flower u can really smell the plant.. well i cant smell anything.. i even put my nose up to her and didnt smell anything.. also she is budding but i see no crystals around the leaves around her, only on the pistols.. now im flowering with floro but when i get 50 bucks im gonna switch to a 75w hPS security light.. do u think maybe then it will start to produce more crystals and smell/ bugger buds? i mean when i smelled it the fan was blowing on her, so i dunno if it was because it was the fan, or just because......
  2. each plant has different smells My northern Lights and Skunk are both the same age 20 days old and the skunk already smells a bit especially if you touch the leaves. The Northern Lights does not smell in fact I think it is a strain that doesnt produce alot of odors? What are you using for odor control? Ozium dipensers work great and you can build an odor eliminating device for around 30 bucks. If you are interested in finding out what it is let me know and ill give you the specs
  3. Im definately interested in an odor control device for 30 buxx....

    Share your wisdom my friend.... its much appreciated!!!

  4. ya secneek ive used flouros during the growing stage and went and got a 75w hps whne i started flowering....about 2 1/2 weeks ago....bout the same time as you......I havnt had to say much or ask much thanks to you:)....evrything i wanted to ask you had already asked:) plant is under 20inches right now and lil buds are comming out everywhere....looks you mine dont smell too much....just a little.....which is great.......
    I also wonder if it would cause too much stress to take it outa the closet and put it outside for some fresh light and air?
  5. OK THIS IS MY PLANT AT 2 1/2 WEEKS OF FLOWERING UNDER fLORO Lighting using 10-60-10 for fert... does she look about rite? or what? more light? the bottom leafs have fallen off thats why it looks like that.. they turned white/yellow and fell off by themselfs.

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  6. Where's the info on the Odor control device ? Please share it ... Thanks
  7. take a five gallon bucket and drill hole close to the top all the way around it. Place these hole about 4 inches from the top and make the diameter of the holes whatever you want.

    Get a "holmes turbo" fan it is a round fan that has the motor and cord directly inline with the fan blade and it is about the same diameter as the five gallon the fan on top of the bucket so it pulls air in from those holes that you drilled.

    Buy some ONA (odor neutralizing agent) and some soil moist. Soil moist is a gel type substance that really absorbs liquids.

    put the soil moist and the ONA in the bucket adjusting the amount to suit your needs I would put about a cup of the ONA and add a little water.

    The fan will suck in the odors and blow out nice smell.

    The fan cost about 10 bucks and the soil moist cost about 5

    the ONA cost about 10 and that leaves 5 bucks for the bucket.

    This will work on even the worst smells and should do good in any average size grow area.
  8. I guess I am a little bit high ...But it sounds a little complicated. My setup has one fan on the top but on the side blowing Air into the setup. The setup is two compartments. Two boxes on top each other. On the box thats on the bottom there is a dual fan window unit taking out the air from inside. So how do I keep the odors off ( even though I am not flowering or anything ) this is how....I put two sheets of fabric softner ...the type u put into yuor drier when drying ur clothes. Since the air from inside the box is being sucked out ....the fabric softner sticks on to the fan cover. So any air thats leaving the box is already scented with breeze ....Isn't that clever or what ? Not really ...but what do u guys think ? I have to change the fabric softner from time to time.

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  9. that is a very good idea just make sure you dont block the air flow though
  10. Ok im High and im Confused.. How the heck did we get into this conversation in the 1st place?? i posted this thread to ask a question about "WHEN SHOULD I EXPET MY PLANT TO START SMELLING" because i needed to know.. also if my plant was looking the rite size because its in 12/12 under floros... so how did we get into the conversation about Odor eliminators? haha just a question cause im bugged out!!!
  11. yeah your plants will start to smell when they produce buds during flowering....but the smell all the time just rub your fingers across one of your leaves sorry about putting the odor elimantor on your thread I can make a new one if you want....
  12. sorry about that dude ...didn't want to piss u off or anything ...take a good drag from my fatty .....u like it ? Take another for the road .......Everything cool right ?

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  13. haha na i was not pissed.. just dazed and confused... its all gravy.. my plant is producing buds and i still cant smell anything.. maybe i have a plant that has not THC in it, because i cant see crystals eaither
  14. When did u last check your smelling capabilities. I have a friend who knowcked his head when he was drunk and now he cannot smell nothing ......Did anything like this happen to you ..? Just checking ....

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  15. some strains just do not smell early queen is one of them.

    Norhtern Lights #5 is another strain with low odor.

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