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  1. I am thinking of growing in my closet. i still live with my parents in close quarters, my dad smokes weed, so they dont really seach my room. First question, does this sound like a good idea? (im only planning on growing one plant at first to see how it goes). Second question, does the plant smell or is it the buds that smell? Third qustion, what are some good ways of masking the smell without seeming suspicious? Thanks for your input. Peace.
  2. first off u should start with 2 plants uncase u get a male :) and yeah the plant does smell but i dont know how to mask it i dont have to in allowed to grow but i would think just burn a incence in your room every now and again but never let the incence smoke hit ur plants
  3. Ya the better they are the more there going to smell not bad at first but when they start to bud look out.
    I use those plug in air fresheners and incense, dosent eliminate it but keeps it under control

    Good luck
  4. Today i kissed my plants ...oops! Well, they have like 3-4 nodes ( and they are still growing. The once I put close to my nose had a nice smell. I am sure when they flower it will be 1000 times more....I might have to invest in some air freshners.

    ps. Can you look at the attached image and tell me whether I am correct in knowing what a node is?

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  5. air ionizer or ozone generator;)
  6. Thanks Nikidog. air ionizer ?? What do they do ? Do they compeltely mask the smell ?
  7. the ozone generators are amazing... if i grew more plants at the same time i would definitely get one... they are pretty damn expensive though... people will tell you you're gonna get busted growing there cuz of the smell, but i grow mine in an apt complex and don't have any problems... i would recommend just only growing small quantities... but you live in the same house... hehe... i just noticed that... so odds are you are gonna have issues growing inside... the smell will definitely be noticed once your plants begin to flower
  8. just put a carbon filter in your exhaust
  9. where can you get carbon filters do they have them at home depot or a hardware store? Thanks
  10. crap i forgot all about the carbon filter when i was picking up soil pots and lights at home depot :( . How many weeks/months old before the smell is noticable usualy?
  11. I think that would really depend on the strain your growing and your ventilation set up,
    generally speaking when they start to bud, if there not already smelling good they will be soon.
  12. Can someone look at the pic and tell me where the exact place to cut when you top a plant ? Let me know whether its "A" or "B"


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  13. Thanks Nikidog

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