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  1. Hey everyone. I was thinking about buying some seeds from and I was looking at all of the descriptions. For almost everyone it describes how it smells. I was just wonder if this is how it smells while it's flowering, drying, or both?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. usually the smoke/taste, but can be growing as well.
  3. yes, listen to the wise woody! :)
  4. well, ok, i havent gotten my seeds yet, but in about a month ill be growing anywhere from 8-12 "Mazar" plants. What kind of smell am i looking at dealing with here? i thought about buying a de-ionizer or something to help contend with the problem.. as mazar has one of the highest THC contents and so prolly smells like a motha! ne1 got ne ideas?
  5. wow dude now ur tallin about a very stinky strain my friend had 5 and damn it was hard to get rid of it ,and for the smell its not really the cat piss type of smell but its very noticeable so be careful men ,the only way ,y friends plan went ok and no one knew a thing was the amazing incence tri some very strong indian shit kills the smoke.....and the smell
  6. ya.. well thats whut i figured :) lol, owell, now that i know that mazars smell is worse than my uncle bob's BO.. :p now i just have to figure out a way to contend with it.. i was thinking a de-ionizer, ive read that those take 100% of the smell away if you get a big enough one... did i read right? kuz that sounds a little fishy to me..
  7. there's several things you can do to help control odor. you can make a carbon scrub, use a dish of vinegar (will only help), use an ozone generator, burn insence, or buy an ionizer... has something called the ionic breeze. go with the little one for $70, paint the nightlight black, and it should get rid of most of the odor, because it filters the air, and circulates some ozone to kill off some of the odor. if you combine that with a bowl of vinegar, or if you've got the money and can afford two, just use them and you should be fine. they only use like 9 watts a piece, so they won't run up your electricity bill very much.
  8. "tri some very strong indian shit kills the smoke.....and the smell"

    not sure whats worse, the skunk or smelling like a curry house? I know what i would prefer..
  9. well, i KNOW i would perfer the sweet smell of 10 mazar plants in bloom, buds and all.. :D but, what i want, and what i can do are two totally different things. i need 100% of the mj smell neutralized. Even the slightest hint of bud is enough to compromise my security. So im going to be looking into some different smell stopping systems that are VERY effective, and dont just "cover" the smell, but either contain and controll it, or filter it out from the air entirely for pure air with no smell of anything.

    i know that might be asking alot, but i know it can be done, its just a matter of how to do it and how much its going to cost me....

    could anyone with ideas on how to do this plz help me out? or if you yourself have a super smell stopping system and you'd like to share it with a newbie grower it'd be much appreciated. thx tons.

    PecE OuT

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