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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Foxxyjay, May 25, 2013.

  1. Okay so this is probably a stupid question BUT I'm going to ask anyway.

    What's the best way in your experience to smoke and not be able to smell it a lot or even at all?
    I've heard many different ways, I've done the toilet paper roll with dryer sheets. I've even heard a stupid one like blow it in the toilet hahaha.
  2. Vape.
    Or you could dress up with a pink tiara on in a neon blue tutu and wave a magic wand around...You can smoke pretty much wherever the fuck you want then. :cool:
  3. Outside isn't happening.
    Never vaped before. But I love the princess idea, unfortunately my wand broke when I stuck it up some pricks ass. :)
  4. I never said princess.
    Last person I saw dressed up with a tiara and blue tutu wasn't a fuckin' princess...But no one said shit when he lit up that joint. :cool:
  5. Haha I thought of a princess when I read your post. It must be all the Barbie princess movies I've been watching.
  6. Vape, make a sploof, or go outside.
  7. it is important to have some febreeze on hand. spray b4 smoking and after. get good airflow out a window, use a fan if possible. when you are done wash ur hands or shower, and change ur clothes. most of the smell that lingers is from you or your clothes.

  8. Lol can't go outside... either risk it or respect the homeowner and don't smoke in their house, I recommend the second
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  9. this thing. 

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  10. #11 GanjFarmer', May 26, 2013
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    Take a hit and exhale on my dick. :ey:  :ey:  :metal:
    But yes a fan in the window.
  11. take yo ass outside

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