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  1. im so confsed
    so i want to use computer fans in a small grow case (pc, maybe cooler, wooden box etc.) and i need to control smell so carbon filter ona block ona gel whatever those are and however you use them if someone could explain what these are and how you use tHEM thatd be awesome
  2. I place the Ona gel jar on a stand right near the fan exit area. This way, air coming out of the grow box passes near the Ona gel. Takes care of the issue. Those little carbon filter pads don't really do much.
  3. Yep I have an Ona Block in the bottom of my tent, not sure I need it but better safe than sorry...

    I would say if I went in someones house and could smell Ona I would assume they farm lol.
  4. yeah i cant just have ona smell completely covering my hous so how about a homade carbon filter

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