Smell WITH a carbon filter?

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  1. so..i'm starting a small indoor personal grow soon. i'm going to run the following strains from clone in SOG setup....c99, ak47, and white rhino.

    i've grown outdoor once so i do know how strong the smell is when in flower...but this is my first time growing in a cab and indoors.

    i'm running a homebox XS (2' x 2' x 4') with a 250watt HPS housed in a cooltube with a S&P TD125 exhaust fan (197cfm) pulling throw a ProFilter 45 carbon scrubber.

    the vent setup will be...passive intake ==> carbon scrubber ==> cooltube ==> fan ==> exhaust out of cab.

    so with all of the above info....what should i be expecting as far as smell?

    will i be able to smell anything while standing in the same room of the cab? what about the room next to the cab? outside of my apartment?

    i find it hard to believe that a carbon filter can remove all the smell....does it leave any sort of residue?
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    if your set up is done correctly and air tight then yes the carbon scrubber will get rid of all of the smell, untill the carbon gets old and looses is porous quality battling quality

    you might want to consider a fan rated in the 250 - 300cfm region though

    do you know what your fan can handle? as far as back pressure goes?
  3. well the S&P TD125 is a mix flow fan...which is not quite a centrifugal fan...but is rated pretty close. the nice thing about this fan is it gives airflow that is comparable to a centrifugal fan but is 1/3 the noise.

    the ProFilter 45 carbon scrubber (made by atmosphere..the people who make vortexes) is made for a 4" vortex which is rated at 172 cfm.

    i feel pretty confident about the ventilation setup...i'm just not sure if a carbon scrubber can truely remove most of the smell.

    do you think with a proper can only smell if you go near the cab and try really hard?
  4. like nugs said as long as it's air tight it should eliminate all odor. The molecules attach to carbon and the carbon in carbon filters is specially made to have as much surface area as possible and eliminates odor by physically removing them out of the air. And again like nugs said, it will work until the carbon gets used up.

    As with other methods that just cover up odor, you could expect to still kinda smell it since the molecules are still in the air.
  5. If your really concerned about smells I would try using a combination of things.......
    because your going to open that cab and some smells are going to escape......
    I believe it's better to have too much protection than not enough.....

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