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  1. Now I have a couple of soil grows under my belt I've noticed a pattern between soil moistyness and smell produced.

    I grow in 8 gallon containers.
    When the plants are begging for water, I can add about 1.5 gallons of water before it drains out the bottom.
    Regardless of the period between begging for water and maximum water levels of the soil, I've noticed that the plants are the smelliest at about two thirds of that period.
    I my case when the soil holds about 0.5 gallon of water, which is 1/16th container volume.

    :confused:Question is :
    -did anybody else notice such a pattern?
    -is a water to soil volume ratio of 1:16 optimal because of this?
    -does maximum smell = most effective growth?

    Share your thoughts with me please.
  2. 1 . never noticed this .
    2. sounds like your getting it right , ive never really measured amounts of water i feed i just take it as it comes , you kind of get the feel of how much water she needs .
    3. it all depends on each different sttrain , ive had weed that hardley smelt at all whilst growing but still got me really really stoned . but ive never noticed the smell having any afffect on growth rate , ....'super skunk 'was a bad (good :D) smelling plant to grow but it still took just as long as any other plant to grow .

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