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    Ok GC, I need help figuring this situation (would have said problem, but this is def not a problem) out. I have to plants that are about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks old. They are grwoing in my closet, in dixie cups as you can see in the pics. The thing is, is that the smell is getting ridiculous for such small babies. I am by no means complaining :D. I just want to know is this normal or does it depend on the strains? The Smell is smelling like a Skunk. Which ive beem told is a good sign. :)

    P.s I do not know the strains I am growing, all i know is that the plants seem to be Sativa and the seeds were out of a few bags of random dimes I was sampling. Such as Sour Diesel, Purp, Obama, and plain Mids. Thanks in Advance. Keep Toking

    P.s.s Sorry about the bad pics, using my phone cam.

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  2. The smell is usually strain dependant. My Cheese didn't start to really smell until the 4th week of flower. It is ok if it smells when you open your closet or growspace, but if your whole room or house smells without opening anything then it's time to get a filter.

    Also think about transplanting, your babies are gettin big! Good luck man.
  3. Thanks man!! Ive been slowly feeding them this sick mixture of 19-6-12 NPK. I think thats whats helping them so much.
  4. Does anyone know if the air nuetralizer conatiners that have that gel stuff in it work? There at home depot for about 5 dollars.
  5. im interested to find out how they work. im going to have to check them out if there that cheap at the depot.
  6. Im going to investigate, then maybe write a thread on it. I need something, and carbon filters are not in my budget. lol
  7. lol...
  8. get them out of those dixie cups or one day you will be seeing plants as dry as dirt
  9. idk im a noob grower but from personal experience I found that my early smellers always ended up male.... but like i said im a noob and Im currently only on my second grow..

    good luck with your grow tho.. and i hope she ends up female
  10. Oh that would suck if its male. But I have figured out the smell is only coming from one of them, the bigger one on the left. And im scared to transplant, i have bad luck transplanting.
  11. Anyone have any transplanting tricks, normally i leave them in the dixie cup through flowering. Yea i know a little a crazy, but it works.
  12. If you plan on never transplanting it (a very bad idea) I would probably at leas start it out in something bigger than a dixie cup. Just compress the sides of the cup a little to loosen it from the soil then pour out the plant... try to catch the stem between 2 of your fingers to support it and the roots below it.
  13. Ok cool, thanks. True, i should of used something bigger, wasnt thinking. lol
  14. Well I repotted the one on the left, ( the less stinky one lol) into a 4 gallon pot, with fresh soil. It seems to be doing ok, will post pics a little later. The Smelly one is still in the dixie cup, the day after originial post the new leaves started to fold. So i left it in the cup to see what was up, turns out it was a problem with the air, will start a new thread on that in a bit lol.

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