smell to strong any sugestions ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by evilmachine7, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. growing dis crap in soil or hydroponics does not matter it smells so strong tripple baggin it still does not cut the smell and i mean the whole house stinks is there anyway while growing to cut the end smell down a bit ? or after cutting down .. anything well help. its when you have a half a gram in your car and you can smell it like outside the car .. its a problem
  2. also heres a method for the smell in your house, wont completely clear the smell but it does work.

    take a five gallon bucket and drill hole close to the top all the way around it. Place these hole about 4 inches from the top and make the diameter of the holes whatever you want.

    Get a "holmes turbo" fan it is a round fan that has the motor and cord directly inline with the fan blade and it is about the same diameter as the five gallon bucket. (or use a computer fan) place the fan on top of the bucket so it pulls air in from those holes that you drilled.

    Buy some ONA (odor neutralizing agent) and some soil moist. Soil moist is a gel type substance that really absorbs liquids.

    put the soil moist and the ONA in the bucket adjusting the amount to suit your needs I would put about a cup of the ONA and add a little water.

    The fan will suck in the odors and blow out nice smell.

    The fan cost about 10 bucks and the soil moist cost about 5

    the ONA cost about 10 and that leaves 5 bucks for the bucket.

  3. And if you have enough money buy a carbon filter for the extractor fan. Or an air purifier with carbon filter.

    good luck
  4. no no .. i got the smell while growing takin care of .. if i dont have the carbon filter going for 5 minutes the whole house will stink .. i was wondering if there was a way to cut down the smell for afterwards when it has been choped up cause it stinks so bad
  5. I always wrap my strong smelling weed in like 4 layers of seran wrap...maybe that will help i dunno
  6. when its dry it will smell a lot less.
    untill then find something airtight to carry it around in.
    jam jar, drinks bottle with a large lid, film can etc and put your baggie in that to help cut down smell.
    must be air tight.
  7. I had exactly the same problem. Lots of lots of smell. After searching for a while i decided to invest 100euro to buy a delongi air purifier.

    This sucker has 3 filters. One for large particles one for small ones and bacteria and one activated carbon filter.
    It also has an ionizer.

    I installed the purifier high into my closet so that it would filter the smell before the air reach the exaust.

    the results are really fantastic. There is simply no bad smell.
    Now i can keep my 6 babies growing with no odor problems.

    I believe the 100 euros is not to much in order to solve that kind of odor problem.


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