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Smell Through Jar

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CaptainCook, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. I picked up a quarter ounce of Girl Scout Cookies last week and I'm storing it in a glass mason jar. When my nephew came over to visit, he said that my room smelled funny. I couldn't smell anything, so I figured it had to be the weed. When I smelled the outside of the jar, it smelled like weed, but at a distance, the smell isn't even noticeable. I don't think this has ever happened before. Do the outside of your jars smell too?
  2. ive had bud that as sooon as i open slightly the jar, the whole roomm would smell for hours
  3. Means you must have got weed to touch the outside of the jar or something.
  4. Your jars not 100% air tight if u can smell of on te outside-420 jars do that to so there not airtight,get a better mason jar lol,preferably another screw top , my jars would smell on outside until I switched to screwtop jars and now I can't smell anything on outside,my girlfriend couldn't smell anything but as soon as I put nose to the jar I could smell bud lol so I know I wasn't goin crazy xD
  5. your nephew may have an extremely good sense of smell. some people can smell fucking everything.
    not that he could smell through the jar, but the linger in the room from you shoving your bud into the jar.

  6. For real, I swear my sister could smell bud for 2 days after just having it rolled up or packed in my room...was like living with a bloodhound.
  7. When I open the jar, it tends to DANK up the WHOLE house, except the room with the jar in it. Explain that. :smoking:.
  8. I have this problem. I store my shit in a little plastic box inside a tin luch box with a towel over it and I can STILL smell it!

  9. When you're stashing your weed in Dynomutt Dog Wonder, who knows what's going to happen?

  10. Think my sister done this before, creeped me out, she worded small hints towards being stoned, mind you she's only 10, anyways was probably just me trippin :smoking:
  11. Wipe it down with alcohol
  12. Is your nephew a drug dog?
  13. I'm so lucky nobody in my house know what weed smells like lol :D I still keep mine in a ziplock container and hidden haha

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