smell questions for 1-2 plant grow op

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    i am starting a small (1-2 plants) stealth grow op and i am looking at sannies seeds "Herijuana"
    what i need to know is how strong it will smell, is the smell immediately recognizable as cannabis, and how much the smell will be able to overcome: 3 fabreeze air filters 1 plugged in on either side of the grow box, one filter IN the grow box and a carbon scrubber (also i need to find a carbon scrubber that is reasonably quiet and effective)

    thanks in advance:)
  2. Don't know that strain but in general you should plan on MJ plants stinking like you wouldn't believe. And yes it is very recognizable as MJ. As for odor control, a properly-matched carbon scrubber connected to a proper ventilation system will do the trick, as long as the grow is air-tight.
  3. from my experience, that fan is only sufficient to remove smell when run through a filter that size. Don't plan on it helping with ventilation, have separate fans and ducting for the lights. A more efficient setup considering similar size and loudness would be to get a small 4" in line fan from CAP or vortex, put a fan speed controller on it, and then get a small filter.

    You didnt mention how big the room will be. If I was you, I would compute the needs of ventilating the room, then figure out the fans and scrubber needed. If a 4" fan works OK to remove heat and move air in the room, then it will be WAY less efficient and less capable of doing that job if it is outputting to a scrubber. That's because, depending on its size, you can lose around half the CFMs when using scrubbers. Most people compensate by getting a larger fan.

    Check out a spray product call ONA, its way way better than fabreeze plug ins. My friend doesnt use anything but them, and you cant smell his 4-6 plants flowering. You can keep that stuff on the outside of the room like the fabreeze.
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    and the grow box is around 3 ft long, 3 ft tall and about 20 inches wide

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