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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iochinome, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. hey guys, first id like to introduce myself- iochi here, glad to be a part of the community. so recently, i decided i would do a great service to my community and start distributing bud to trustworthy pals. i have a few questions though on proper etiquette/other stuff here though, people here are sure to be able to provide some insight on. so first off, how much should i be paying for a quarter oz. of kb? like 100ish? ive heard everywhere from 70 to 100... just like to know....
    also, does anyone have some ideas on what i can put it in to hide the smell? something smell-proof, perhaps? or just with a stronger smell... maybe... i was thinking i would hollow out a stuffed animal of some sort and put the bud inside, then cleverly hide the little devil in a basket of other animals so my parents would not see it.;)

    well thanks in advance! cheers:smoking:!
  2. YIKES, you are not supposed to talk about dealing/distribution here, I suggest you look at the rules. They are stickied at the top of the apprentice tokers section, I suggest deleting this thread ahora.
  3. There are threads about this on the "seasoned smokers" section. 1/4 is usually 80 us dollars, use ziplock bags or pill containers to block smell.
  4. Depends on your definition of KB, some people call beesters KB, which is overly cheap here. 50-60/quarter for beesters, 75-85 for top of the line
  5. haha hollow out a stuffed animal?

    are you 7?
  6. Don't deal out of your parents house though...
  7. A quarter is about...
    20 dollars for regs.
    40 dollars for mids.
    Around 50-60 for beasters.
    & The super good strains is like 90 dollars a quarter.

    That may vary to where you live but that's what it's priced at where I am.
  8. WOW those prices are nothing like here in wisconsin.

    Mids go for 40 an eighth
    Dro/Good Shit is 60 a eighth
  9. yea i used to run into the same problem of skunky ass nugs stanken' up my whole room.. i tried a bunch of different shit & there r a lot of things that will work.. but i currently use a shocktech paintball holder.. not the hopper but the speedload tube its pretty fucking air tight and will hold a few zips

  10. i envy you
  11. Dn you all pay way high prices, unless my mids are really low grade compared to some other people's.


    25 mids
    35 high mids
    50 beasters
    70 exotic
  12. Wow. Those are some low prices...I don't think that this is the case in many places unless your mids are shitty quality.
  13. #13 Blutteufel, Jun 3, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, 2009
    Holy balls on a menorah, $80 for a damn 1/4? That's fuckin' insanity, man. It's either time to move or time to start growing your own grass if you pay those kinds of ridiculous prices....

    On a side note, plastic bags an pill containers don't do shit to hide the smell, especially if it's already been in there for a while.

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