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Smell problem. Super dank.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by remitido, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. I've looked at a bunch of other threads on the subject but nothings working.... I've got it in 5 different baggies with dryer sheets inside a plastic airtight container and its still stinking up my attic. Is it maybe because of the heat and lack of ventilation? Should I keep it in my room where its cooler and I have a fan and windows, even though my parents go in there more often?

    I tried a mason jar, but it still smelled through that shit, man.
  2. Smoke it before It can smell anything up.

  3. Put it in a baggie then put it in a jar with dryer sheets.keep in a dark cool place
  4. I can't smoke more than 2 or 3 hits of this stuff at a time. It's that strong. I've got enough to last 2 weeks of smoking with friends if I hit it everyday.

    I'll try that, but it's literally seeping through everything I try.
  5. i usually put it in aluminum foil! it lowers the smell dramatically!
  6. throw some coffee in the jar but not in the same compartment as the bud, drug traffickers use it to throw dogs off the smell of bud so it will probably work with parents too
  7. ha. But will the smell coffee coming from the slit in the box springs under my bed?
  8. Idk about you guys but coffee would attract my parents, not repel them...
  9. Spray febreeze around the jar? But yah the tinfoil
  10. get a smaller sized mason jar to keep the weed in. Then fill bottom of a larger mason jar with coffee beans/grounds. Then put weed mason jar into coffee mason jar. Fill the coffee mason jar up to the top of the other mason jar.

    Should work. Although I have never had a problem with any sort of dank smell through a mason jar, and I keep half O's of medical grade MJ in mason jars.
  11. Keep it in a spot outside
  12. It can't smell through mason jars, they are airtight, no smell escapes.
  13. shit man you dont even need the coffee,double mason jar is going to keep any smell trapped inside.

    also OP make sure if you put it in mason jars to not open them when your parents are around if its really stinky herb.
  14. Think about what it was like for the grower!
  15. #15 trixx, Aug 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, 2011

    True but this dude seems to have a real problem here. I never have ever had weed smell thru a mason jar.

    This guy most have like some super human alien ass bud to smell thru a mason jar. So i recomended some super human alien ass solution. haha

    offtopic but one of my friends from school was from wheeling. hows the bud up there?
  16. Yew have a sewious case af da Sewper Danks!!

  17. The reason it smells is because it can go through plastic. And I've never heard of a bud smell leaking through a jar. Ever.
  18. Mason jar= stoner's best friend
  19. Okay, so I figured out it wasn't a genuine mason jar, it was just a screw top glass jar. So I got the real thing. Haven't tried it out yet, cause my parents are home and conscious at the moment. Do you think a mason jar is good enough, or should I double it up along with the plastic baggies and dryer sheets?

    I seriously can't wait to try this shit man. I've only been smoking for a month, and only the first half of that month. I have a drug test tomorrow then I'm good to go. This is the second time I've bought and it's the dankest smelling I've ever bought or smelled. Does the fact that this stuff is dankety dank dank smelling mean its going to be super strong?

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