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Smell Penetrating Mason Jar Seal

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OppeMon, Jan 24, 2014.

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    I can't figure out why my weed is penetrating my mason jar seals. I've gone through 3 jars and 3 new lids with perfect seals. It only takes 1 day for the smell to penetrate the 1-2 mm thick rubber seal. I've tried variations of lid tightness but it has no effect, it starts stinking the entire room the day after. This has not happened with any other strain i've had the past 3 years. Any suggestions?

  2. Could be a defective jar with a bad lip and threads not letting to fully seal even tho it seems to tighten down. But since you've tried 3 jars idk...were all 3 same brand? I use Ball glass jars will no smell issue. I have 8 oz in jars sitting on the table in new jars and cannot smell a thing.

    On thought, could that baggie be getting just under the lid when you go to seal it? That's keep it from properly sealing, maybe try taking it out of the bag and see if it helps.
  3. I would get the other type of mason jar, with the rubber seal and latch lock (Idk what its actually called). Keep your bud in a bag, in the jar, in a quality Tupperware, should eliminate the smell from escaping.
  4. Put your jar in a jar.
    Then put those jars in a couple more jars.   It will be a pain in the ass to use it though.
  5. I just placed my new jar in a zipblock bag and wrapped it in 10 grocery bags in an attempt to stop the smell somewhere along the line. It was stinking the next morning. Is Girl Scout Cookies known to do this?
    No. Jars are airtight, you are the first person in history this has happened to.  Are you sure you're not a bit nutty?
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    Unless you are buying highly defective jars I think there is a different problem here. Like I said I have 8 oz of bud in similar jars on my dinner table and you cannot smell a thing. Does that jar have a rubber gasket on the lid to seal?
  8. I finally got the smell to stop after double packing my stash with foodsaver bags.

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