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Smell of weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Agalloch, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Anyone love it when they get a bag o' ganj and it's so damned potent smelling that your dealer tries to hide it by double or even triple bagging it? Last few pickups have been nothing but that great skunky smelling weed. I have it in a drawer next to me in my desk. It's in my 'toolbox', and I can still smell that shit! It's tempting me to smoke, but it's kind early for me. I'm not one to wake and bake since I am usually tired as fuck in the mornings.

    Anyway who else loves that skunky smell of weed? :smoking:
  2. Yes i kno what u mean. When i get white rhyno and white widow from this grower he keeps it in jars and the smell still leaks through some how lol......yes the sweet sweet smell of ganja. I would tape a nug to my nose all day if i could..:p
  3. I love the smell of it :) had some northern lights the other week n that shit stank my room out. I know what you mean tempts you to smoke lol!
  4. Fuck it I think I'm going to smoke a bowl lol.
  5. lol last nite i was at my friends house and his parents were upstairs in bed but not asleep...they dont care if we smoke there so whatever lol. so were downstairs and me and my buddy just both bought an 8th of catpiss (idk...great weed)...he starts to pack a bowl and like 2 minutes later this kids dad comes down and says that he can smell the weed from his room upstairs, just from the smell of the weed...not from being burned at all...just dankness lol
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    About two months ago my boyfriend copped an ounce of this ridiculously stinky weed... I had an eighth in a bag, which was in another bag, and these two bags were in ANOTHER bag, and then put in an aluminum coin holder (so the only opening was the slit for the coins) and the coin holder was in ANOTHER bag, and I still had my parents asking me why my room smelled like a skunk died in it. :D

    EDIT: Actually I had also brought this weed to work at a bar/restaurant with me after I first picked it up, not realizing how stinky it was... it was in two plastic bags in my purse, which is stored in a cabinet during work hours, and every time I needed to get a kid crayons or something I had to open the cabinet and a big burst of skunky-smelling goodness would float out. Luckily no one noticed but the busboy.
  7. You guys gotta get some kind of airtight container.

    Plastic baggies leak through smell really easily, get some tupperware. The stinkiest weed I've ever had still hasn't leaked through OG tupperware :D
  8. Skunky, fruity, spicy, sweet, solvent, musky, earthy. It comes in so many aromas. If you grow your own you get the added bonus of smelling the complex combinations of smells from multiple strains as they grow, plus the slow evolution of their aromas as they cure over the weeks once dried.
  9. You ever tried adding fruit smells to bud you grow by adding a small amount of fruit juice to the solution you water your plants with, about a month and a half before harvest for 2 or 3 watering cycles?

    This stuff I grew last year I tried doing that with some blueberry juice, and it smelled vaguely of blueberry since I cured it well.

    I wasn't able to find an exact science on how to do that well though, I didn't wanna do the spraying on the bud route, that's bullshit and nobody wants to be smoking fruit juice.
  10. I did it once or twice just to experiment but I hate adding anything and never flavor my grows these days. I prefer to let genetics and growing techniques provide the variations in flavor.
  11. How did genetics like the blueberry and other fruit smelling strains develop then? I doubt hemp naturally produced the unique cocktail of chemicals that make the juices in the developed fruits of specific fruits, just by some random evolutionary quirk. :confused:
  12. There dozens if not hundreds of terpenes in cannabis that govern all sorts of flavors and aromas. Strains like blueberry and lemon skunk, etc., were just lucky finds by breeders via trial and error originally that were then locked down into the genetics via normal breeding.

    It's the same with any other plant. Think about how many different kinds of tomatoes there are with subtle differences in color, texture, flavor, etc.
  13. Yeah, but I haven't come across many tomatoes that smell like blueberries :p

    I guess cannabis has more smell variation than other plants just naturally. Are there any other plants that similarly would easily mutate into smelling like other fruits?
  14. every one would like that
  15. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, are all the same family just different variations. That's just one example. All of the different hot and sweet peppers are the same species. Virtually all of the various different beans you eat (pinto, black, northern, kidney, etc.) are the same species. Bok Choy, the chinese cabbage popular with stir frying, is a type of turnip. The list is endless.

    Hops and Cannabis are the only members of Cannabaceae and both show extreme variation of phenotype.
  16. hahaha you know whats funny is when I'll be driving and I smell a dead skunk i LOVE the smell and everyone else in the truck says its gross lol.

  17. Lol I can relate.
  18. Hahah yeah, I love the smell of dead skunk.

    But stanky ganj makes my mouth water.
  19. yeah whenever i smell skunk while im driving i think to myself "omg maybe im driving past a pot farm!!"
  20. Some like the smell of new car, some the smell of a freshly mowed lawn but there's NOTHING that compares to the smell of dank! The dank I get is usually fruity in its aroma. The regs I get smell skunky, though.

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