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Smell of Weed and weed smoke PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LowkeyStoner19, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. So my friend always hot boxes his car, leaves weed in a shitty little plastics bag, and leaves his dirty pipe out. His car never smells. I always take good precautions with spraying sploofs etc etc and no matter where I smoke there is some smell. What's the reason for this??? Help. I hate having to always worry about smell when I am high??!
    I've smoked in my room. There's a smell. Car. There's a smell... Not much of one but I always get a smell that I have to get out after the fact HELP
  2. Depends on the material in the car and how well the smell sticks to it. But that is pretty weird that his car doesn't smell
  3. Depends on the material or fabric in the car. Also the stronger the weed you smoke the stronger the smell will be. There's nothing you can really do for the smell other than out the windows down or spray some Lysol or something along those lines. Maybe your friends weed is not the same quality your getting.
  4. To be honest for some reason I feel like this comes with time. Idk if it's more how sensitive your smell it but my car used to get the smell so easy now I smoke in my car wtvr roll the windows down on the way home and it's gone. I just keep it all in the center console Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. I keep some fabreaze also in my car just incase I get pulled over and for emergencies. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    That won't help. There were two guys arrested just a few weeks ago near where I live. The news said that a Sheriff saw them tailgating, they said they were passing. As he approached the car he smelled and overwhelming smell of marijuana giving him probable casue. They searched and found two baggies of Marijuana, inside of a ziplock, INSIDE OF A GALLON ziplock, wrapped in plastic in a suitcase in the trunk.........Fucking guy's nose is better than a dogs. Simply put...they are fucking liars and if they suspect you, they will do whatever they can to bust you.
  7. Just don't smoke in your car, don't be an idiot. Use a spoof in your room with the window open and your good.Sent from my iPad Air
  8. grab a can of ozium from the auto care section of walmart for 5 bucks and spray it real quick in your car when you get out, guaranteed all smell will be gone.
  9. He had some pretty shit weed. Two bowls in he was gone. And I was like "meh" and I'm small one bowl of what I get does a job well done
  10. Part of the reason is probably paranoia. Or maybe your friend isn't as stupid as he sounds and finds a way to air out his car over night.
  11. might i suggest getting 3 or 4 fans or as many fans as you can acquire. and make a wall of wind between where you smoke and the window.
    would look like this
    window --------- you smoking weed--------fuckload of fans
    also have the air fresheners that you open and leave out and then get spray air fresheners and spray those when your done smoking.
    and to top it all of use  a sploof also. and leave the window open 24/7 and hopefully that covers all the smell.
    i almost forgot put a towel under the crack on the door so no smell seeps out that way.
  12. [quote name="Some Asian Toker" post="19394130" timestamp="1390519267"]Part of the reason is probably paranoia. Or maybe your friend isn't as stupid as he sounds and finds a way to air out his car over night.[/quote] this. The smell is strong. Wether it's mids or hydroponically grown, it'll change your cologne scent / perfume .. Also, your airways are coated in cannabis smoke, so that's another reason why it smells like it everywhere you go (and then you think it's yourself givig off the smell)Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. I hot box quite frequently. When I'm done I drive and keep two windows half down and let it air. Or you can put all of em down if you don't have much time.I also smoke cigs which help mask the smell for me. I always smoke a cig or two in the car after I smoke bud simply because I crave it more. So windows down driving+ cigarette= no apparent bud smell. My girl also hot boxes her shit and her parents have never smelled weed just a smokey smell from cigs or blacks because we smoke them all the time. And I never smell bud when I get in her car.There's really know way to get around your car smelling like smoke or weed if you constantly do it. The best way to not is to not. Also when your high and have to be somewhere where you don't want anyone to know your high or have smoked, you get EXTRA paranoid about smell.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. Matches. Then Let it burn.
  15. Stop smoking and make edibles instead. You and your car won't smell like a joint and other than your eyes there will be no indication you use weed. For example, the grocery store yesterday I passed by a dude that looked normal but left a trail of fresh smoked weed smell that radiated 50 feet away from him haha! If it wasn't for that, I would have never known.

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