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Smell of pot

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Absolut10, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So I got a really nice quarter yesterday and stashed it away in my regular jar in the closet. Today my mom comes in and says she smells something, luckily she was in a hurry for work. I'm pretty paranoid right now and would like to know f their are any ways for covering the smell? I was thinking about putting in some coffee beans at the bottom of my stash to help cover the smell. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  2. Mason Jar + Lid should do the trick..
  3. Mason Jar with a rubber sealed rim. Plus put the jar in a zip lock bag then put that bag in an old backpack or something like that.
  4. mason jar//pill bottles.

    the stuff in a backpack//shoe box.
  5. The smell of weed....I love it!
  6. I would suggest splitting it into 2 stashes as well, Just in case you do get searched she finds one you still got bud lol
  7. #7 S0UR, Aug 4, 2011
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    Yeah man hide your big stash somewhere impossible to find. Make sure it's hard for even you to find it, because if you can't find it she has NO chance. Get a pill bottle or a mento's gum container and keep maybe a gram in there. This way if she finds your shit you'll only loose a gram rather than your entire stash. :D
  8. Put it somewhere no one would look. I keep mine inside a bass drum in my room :) There's probably something in your room where she would never look. Also put it inside plastic baggie inside plastic baggie inside plastic baggie to cover up the smell. Good luck :D
  9. If you have an old trophy try this...

    1. the trophy should have a nut on the bottom that holds the whole thing together. you need to remove the nut and take the trophy apart piece by piece and make sure you remember that goes where.

    2. the nut should have been a long screw! Remove this screw entirely and carefully. (I should note that I have not done this in over 15 years...things might have changed, FYI!)

    3. Now assuming you used a fairly large trophy, you will be making a container out of the remaining parts...You need strong glue for the base and the bottom of the trophy to stick together. Let dry.

    4. Place stash in a container that will fit into trophy and then place the action jackson guy from the top(the football player, the baseball player, etc) back onto the top of the trophy tube and put back on your shelf...

    5. I suggest keeping the trophy out of reach of children and make sure the top stays on fairly well. My moms eventually figured it out (years and years after I moved out, mind you) because they were moving and the top fell off and the inside smelt like weed still , faintly, and there were particulate in the bottom. Both parents thought it was super clever and always wondered where I hid my stuff...Apparently, it was a game the two played when I was away for long weekends...trying to find my shit, so they could ground me!!! LOL silly parents!
  10. @DJ, about not sure if that trophy thing works, omg your a genius and yes it still works just checked a trophy my little brother got last year and it could probably hold a quarter ounce easy.

    and this is a small one. if you got a big one could probably put a half ounce or more....

  11. lol you see this! the system set us up to be pot heads, they rewarded us with larger capability to hide a stash when we did good!
  12. Do you play guitar put in a guitar case that's what I do have 3 cases so I have a couple stashes plus why would your parents touch your guitar stuff unless they play.
  13. Pill bottles are not equal to mason jars. Just sayin.

  14. They work well if you bag them and throw them in something.
  15. Burn a yankee candle every once and awhile.
  16. Pillbottles work well for a while or if you let them air out in between pick ups.

    It's all about how dense the container material is. Organic smell molecules are really tiny so they'll get through glass too, just at a much slower rate than pillbottle plastic, and that works much better than plastic bag plastic.

    That said, I've used an 1/8th sized glass jar with a plastic screw top years and cant smell it at all. If you're at home looking for more ghetto solutions wrap your plastic bag stash in a dryer sheet or something.

    I just found the site I bought my jar from seriously 5 or so years ago:
    Amber and Cobalt Blue

    They have a blue one now :eek:
  17. there is a simple solution my friend, and it is called zip-loc plastic bag.

  18. Ya but I still think:

    Glass jar > Plastic jar > Plastic bag
  19. I like Tupperware for smell proofing. Especially the new ones they have that have the locks to keep the lid on and the rubber seal. I use Tupperware if I'm taking bud out of the house because it won't break, but glass mason jars in the house. Stay away from plastic bags unless you like dried out buds

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