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Smell of non-smoked weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by b-e.n, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. OK so I just bought an eighth of some grandaddy purple and this shit reeks. like really a lot. i was rolling in a large apartment and my friends on the other side of it said they could smell it. i went in my bathroom to put the weed in a plastic container because i didnt want to make my room smell. i opened the plastic baggie and transfered it to a pyrex plastic container. the pyrex plastic container masks the weed smell completely. 5 minutes later i go back in my bathroom to take a piss. the places fuckin reeks so i spray some perfume (dont have febreeze), flap my towel all over the place with the window open and put on the vent. 5 minutes later it still reeks. now, 10 minutes after that, it still smells a bit but its ok. what should i do to mask this weed if for example i want to take it in the train or something? the smell of this shit is as bad as actually smoking a joint, i swear.
  2. Damn that's crazy put it in a mason jar.
  3. sounds like you sittin on some dank
  4. Jesus I wish I could smell what your smellin man.

    As for keepin it from smellin up the place, use a mason jar.
    As for a train.
  5. wow man I know what you are talking about I just picked up some stuff and it doesnt seem to matter what i put it in the shit is crazy smelling. I had it in my trunk in a metal container and could easily smell it in drivers seat, never had that probablem before or anything remotly close.
  6. try a canning jar the smell wont be able to go through glass:wave:
  7. Yep you got some stanky weed. Glass jars with metal caps are your friend. Nothing gets in, nothing gets out.
  8. Fuck, even with that pyrex shit, my room smells. what the fuck is this.
  9. #10 IndyRoller, Feb 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2009
    For the 5th (mabye 4th) time get a mason jar. They cost like a dollar each and they mask the smell completely and they are airtight and keep your weed fresh for over a month (never actually tested how long, but my roommate has weed from a month ago and its still really fresh).

    edit: And that sounds like its fucking dank btw. Enjoy that shit.
  10. Where can i buy one in nyc?
  11. Just go to your local ebay store.
  12. Before I had one of those vacuum jars. I used to use a jar that is supposed to hold spaghetti sauce.

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