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  1. So I just harvested some trainwreck after flowering 64 days. Breeder states 8 wks but didn't seem ready. I also harvested some early at 48 days, just some colas that looked done. I was wondering if anyone out there that has grown Trainwreck or would just know the answer could help me out. So I stressed a few of my plants with pH issues possibly maybe fert burn around week 5.5 and flushed. The didn't really get any better or much worse in regards to yellow leaves and such. I kept them on molasases and water from then till finish which would attribute to the continued yellow leaves. The early harvested colas had a faint sweet smell and the rest of the plants really didn't smell as strong as they should. Well the ones I just took down smell different. They have like a peppery smell mixed with a skunk smell, not the weed skunk smell but the smell your dog has when he gets sprayed, I really don't know any other way to describe it. No sign of mold and the plants got crystally as hell at around day 53ish. But the smell bothers me, I was wondering if anyone knows about a pheno of TW that smells like this?:confused: If not will the smell change in the curing process or is this the smell that will stay?? Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it.
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  3. I know that TW has a piney smell to it, and while your plants are still alive they have the good weed smell you speak of, and for like an hour after you chop them but then you start noticing a fresh cut grass smell the next 2-4 days. This is normal, after you harvest and dry between 5-11 days or untill stems snap instead of bend you proceed to the cure. The grassy smell will faded and you will be left with buds that barely smell. There is still moisture in the buds and you will need to cure for a minimum of 2 weeks, the longer the better in order to rid your weed of that smell.

    Place buds in Mason or Glass air tight jars and open once a day for 1 hour allowing air around to buds for the first week. Then so on and so on (Read the sticky)

    People think you can harvest, dry, and smoke, however this will not produce very potent buds as the THC is still wet and non-psychoactive in the middle part of the buds. You have to cure slowly to release moisture, allowing the good smell to arise and the bad musty peppery smell you speak of to dissipate. The plant will break down the chorolphyll into sugars and cause the sweet piney smell.
  4. Some pictures would help a ton!!

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