Smell is still extreme w/ 2 fans + carbons

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  1. Need some help here guys:

    got a 4x4 tent
    6inch inline fan with a carbon filter
    carbon filter is hanging at the top of the tent
    AIR in tent> Carbon filter > air cooled hood > in line fan > out tent

    We have 4 blue dreams, and the entire place stinks of pot...there is slight negative pressure in the tent, but its not containing the smell....I dont get why. I ended up duct taping the air flaps closed slightly to hopefully cause some more pressure, didnt help at all...

    Had a spare 4inch inline fan + carbon filter, hooked that up and have it laying on the bottom of the tent, there is a lot of negative pressure now but the smell is still as strong as ever!!!

    The air isnt being exhausted outside the room to anywhere, it is exhausted into the room freely, but there is still smell even with 2 carbon filters now. What could be the problem??
  2. how old are the filters? are you fans enough CFM for each filter?
  3. Need better carbon filters. I had the same issues with my Alien Dawgs, had to buy a huuuge filter and just pushed the air through it (since it didn't fit in my cab). Stopped the smell dead in its tracks.

    Buy a bigger filter!
  4. the 6inch combo is a brand new set up from HTG, this is the first time its been used. The 4inch combo has 1 grow under its belt, but was used in a 4x2x5...could never smell any pot with it whatsoever, and 1 of the plants was the smelliest plants of all time(critical+)

    HTG Supply - A GrowBright 6" Inline Fan & Carbon Filter Combo

    that is the 6inch combo i have, i really didnt think it would have any issues in a 4x4 tent?
  5. I had the 4" combo from HTG, IMO those filters are not good. Get a Phresh or Can filter.

    I run a 2x2x5 space. Dropped $150 on a nice phresh, made all the difference in the world.

  6. Air may be leaking in around the hood, it's not filtered, mixes with the clean air from the filters and is being exhausted to the room.
  7. this was my original hypothesis...since the glass slides out to change out bulbs and such, not really sure how I could check to see if thats really the problem though or not? and if it is how I could fix it?

    cuz like I said, my 4inch could contain the smell of 4 skunks, yet this 6inch can mask the smell of 4 blue dreams....the main difference between grows is the tent size and the hood. when I used the 4 inch fan, I wasnt pulling air thru the hood, I had the hood completely open sitting inside the tent, and had the carbon filter hooked up directly to the fan.
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    A joint, a cigaretter or a punkstick would produce enough smoke that you could see the smoke being pulled in around the leak.

    A possible fix would be to mount the carbon filters inside a cylinder or box and vent the air into that container, through the filters then to the fan and into the room.

    AIR in tent> air cooled hood >Carbon filter > in line fan > out tent
  9. I have a four and a half by five room...i put a 300cfm fan. .Max air fan above the light..little oscillating fans push the hot air up the fan sucks it out and through ducting to the filter...the filter is a 33 pound can fan works dont smell shit till you open the door to the grow room...i could have walkers in there and you wouldnt smell em..make sure your filter is a brand name though..ive noticed its all in how they pack the carbon in there and probably the quality of it also and im pretty sure theres some hack companies out cant go wrong with a can fan filter..i can grow twenty sour d and noones smellin em.
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    idk if you have fixed it yet but i would exhaust it somewhere outside of the room if possible. the negative pressure in your enclosure is canceled out by the fact that there is no negative pressure in the room and therefore that lamb's breath is reekin anyways. You really can't assume a 100% leak proof seal is possible, so your air exchange still starts and ends in the larger room, and I believe this may solve the problem. also, if your humidity is high (70%) your filters will clog.

    u have a brand new filter so it should work fine, make sure all your connections are nice and tight. what i did was cut a hole in the wall to the next room an stick a heat register there so it's camouflaged.
  11. i havent fixed the problem....

    I disconnected the fan ducting from the hood and carbon filter, and ran the ducting from the carbon filter straight to the inline fan which is then exhausted out of the tent....smell isnt any less strong in the place, so i may as well hook it back up to run thru the hood.

    There IS SOME negative pressure in the tent, but feel like there should be a little more with the power of the fan, also, I didnt think running the ducting to outside the room would be necessary if the fan/filter were doing its job....assuming all the air being pulled thru the carbon filter is cleaned then exhausted, the air circulating in the room should always be: fresh air from the window, and air that has passed thru the carbon filter and out the tent.

    Dont really know what I can do, cant do anything with the walls, this is an apartment grow...and running ducting up to the window where everybody could see would draw unwanted attention to say the least
  12. I'll say it once more, your filter sucks..get a nice name brand one.

    I know it's not what you want to hear, but if you want a solution there you go.

  13. Um if your hood is leaking around the seal then wouldn't the remedy be to seal it better?

    I would suggest duct tape that is heat resistant. Not only will it deal with any latent smells coming out the seals but it will also help the heat leave the tent and not vent right back in thus defeating the purpose of an air cooled hood.

    I can say this one thing for the future that I hold true for myself.

    It is better to spend money on high quality hoods lights and filters now rather than later. Then you won't have to waste money on the now and can still be using them later.
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    Thanks for the advice, but i cant afford a new 200-300 dollar filter atm...if it was that simple i would have done it already.

    like i posted above, i tried running it like this:

    carbon filter>inline fan> out tent.....instead of carbon filter>hood>inline fan>out tent, and it didnt make any difference, so i can rule out its the hood....i gotta agree with marley, it seems its a shitty carbon filter and nothing i can do unless I buy a new one....maybe ill try to see if i can get a good deal from my local shop in a week or so....i just cant afford a really expensive name brand filter right now, and theres no guarantee it will fix the problem, it might just make it a little better...

    edit: it looks like my local store only carries "Active Air" carbon filters....would you guys recommend that brand?
  15. I hear ya man, I learned the hard way too.

    It will, however, fix the problem..guaranteed. There are tons of growers out there growing larger rooms with danker, smellier shit. Good carbon filters work for them.

    And just as an example of how poor those HTG carbon filters are, I am using my old one on my tiny veg cab..and I can smell my veg plants. They pack those things like crap with bad carbon. Bastards!
  16. damn, i never had a single problem with my 4inch combo!! it kept a skunk, blueberries, and a northern lights at smell whatsoever....

    anyways, ill try to look into a new filter this week, but at my local place they sell Active Air carbon know anything about those?
  17. Not familiar with that brand, just google it up and see what reviews you can find. Phresh and Can were the best when I was shopping around, but that was 6 months or so ago.
  18. what about holes in your ducting? too many pin holes add up and suck in air before it's filtered
  19. i checked each line of ducting for holes, there were none. :(
  20. Ideally you should have your set up like this
    carbon filter--inline fan--ducting--hood--ducting--outside tent
    Attatch the carbon filter directly to the fan if possible.
    Set up this way all your ducting and hood is pressurized with
    clean air, no smell leaks to worry about. Also easier on the fans motor
    to not draw hot air through it. But if your filters not cleaning you're still
    gonna have stink.

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