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smell in car

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Michael, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. How can I get rid of the mj smell asap?

    I've sprayed ozium, incense blunt blocker, none of that shit works. My car (Lexus Rx300) is so hard to get the smell out.
  2. don't smoke in the fucking car and if you do open the window. other than that just open all the windows and go flying down some back roads.
  3. what ddog7x said. If you have a car with leather interior and you smoke with the windows down or cracked and blow the smoke out the car its really not that hard to clear it out. I dont even use any sprays and I share the car with my fam, but then again im not chiefing it in there, just 1 joint or 1 bowl
  4. Just leave windows open overnight. Spray some fa breeze. You should be good.
  5. Roll them windows down and jet for a bit
  6. straight up valerian root tea bag in the car eiter wile smokin or for a few minutes after smking if you cant stand being in the car with it
  7. Clean your whole interior. I've found that when my car starts to smell that vacuuming it and wiping down all the surfaces makes a huge difference. Windex all your windows, too. You'd be surprised how much ick is on them from smoking! Not to mention this will give your car a chance to air out. I spend a lot of time traveling in my car so I give it a nice cleaning about once a week.

  8. Exactly. The faster you go the faster the smell dissapears from you car :devious::cool:.

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