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Smell HELP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Big_Tokez, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. So every time I take a t break when I start smoking again my dad can smell it around the house. But when I smoke daily I rarely get the knock on my door telling me the house stinks. It's weird I tell him that and he doesn't believe me. He thinks it's something I'm doing. Me not being careful enough. I think it's cuz when I stop his nose gets used to regular smell and then when I start any little weed smell sets his nose off. Can anyone help me fix this issue because I can smoke in my room as long as other parts of the house doesn't smell
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    Spray Ozium.

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  3. ozium works great, so does orange chronic, i had a friend who used to put a bounce dryer sheet around the end of a paper towel roll, and blow the smoke through that, worked mint , however that method prolly won't work very well for joints,
  4. Get a window fan, put it in your window facing outside, smoke bongs or bowls, no joints or blunts and blow all the smoke toward the fan which will blow it all outside.
  5. Well its cool that your dad doesn't lose his shit over you smoking (like my parents did when they smelled it for the first time), that being said it depends whether or not you are using a bowl/bong or just lighting up joints/blunts.

    When I am at home I use a bowl and make sure to only do it at night with a sploof. There are so many things you could do to help it though - sploof, opening a window, fan, ozium (as others have suggested), just going outside (if that is an option for you). If you have a closet with some sort of door you could just blow hits into there or even sit in it and smoke if you have a big enough space for it.

    If your talking about joints/blunts, well then my only advice would be to go outside or open a window and use ozium because I can image that would make the entire house reek really quick.

    Hope this helped!
    Good Luck! [​IMG]
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    The best solution, respect your parents and smoke outside. I mean why not, you can get some fresh air while you're at it... unless it is storming outside there is no justifiable reason to be doing so inside.

    But yes... it is more comfortable isn't it? Why not get a vaporizer? Smells less and it is better for your health! [​IMG]

    You could also get glass, ie. a nice bong and blow the smoke out your window.
  7. what you should do is go outside your house, wait for a cop to roll by and light up. When you get questioned you can give your story of why smell offends your dad and how you are being respectful of his wishes.
  8. just smoke that ish outside or out the window, smoke isn't good for the interior of the house no matter if its tobacco or weed.
  9. To be completely honest, anybody who smokes in the same house as somebody who doesn't smoke and thinks they wont smell it is kinda retarded... Like if the air wasn't being dispersed throughout the house, those same people would not be able to breathe. Opening a window is actually going to make the smell carry more throughout the house, not less, because it creates a draft throughout, unless your door is vacuum sealed, which we both know it isn't or this would not be an issue in the first place.

    Opening a window, using a fan, using a wet towel under the door, spraying anything, none of this will help in a huge way; the biggest thing you could do would be to get a smoke buddy, but even then, the tiny bit of smoke that goes into atmosphere from starting to burn the bowl will carry throughout. Weed itself may not stink, but burnt weed is nearly impossible to stop from smelling unless you can physically control where the air in your room is going.

    Just go for a walk man, as other posters have said.
  10. you realize it is your dads place right? He owns it or at the very least pays the rent. What if he were to start wiping his ass with your tooth brush and then, when you complain, he gives you the same lame excuses that you give him? Sounds fair right?

    You are what we in the game refer to as "a bust". As far as the why of said ganja smell permeating the house when you smoke said ganja, well that's easy. You are smoking fucking ganja in the house is going to smell.

    It isn't hard to figure out what to do at this point, even with out all of the great advice others have left for you in this thread.
  11. quit smoking in the house, problem solved

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